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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Exchange - TheLadyLazarus

This will have to be quick, I think they're on to me.



  1. I think all the videos posted on this site are awesome but I was wondering if there was some way we could distinguish between vids that are cannon and those that are not? sometimes I don't have time to watch ALL the vids so I'd like to make sure I keep up with the most important..

  2. The solution is simple, everything that's canon is posted on lonelygirl15.com.

  3. In general we post that video author right in the title, so there sould be no problem telling and Lg character from a non- lg character unless there is real confusion as to who the LG character really are (as with Gemma and Jonas when they began to post).

  4. For the most part it's easy to know who is cannon and who is not but like with the newest resistance vid and some of the MA/opaphid vids it's hard to keep up. Like if you aren't familiar with all the opaphid characters (Which most new people are not) it's hard to figure out.


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