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Friday, August 24, 2007

A Family Affair - jonastko (LG15)

Thanks to charles phoenix, cbd, and logbox for solving the puzzle in the LaRezisto video. I decided to stop moping around and go see my family. - Jonas Faction: THE RESISTANCE

"Shoot to Kill" by Jared Scharff & the Royals
"Black Top" by Caution Cat
"The Hymn" by the Hymn of One

Screencaps (sorry for the low quality due to conversion):

A Family Affair - jonastko (LG15) on LGPedia.

From "Way of the Gun" on LGPedia: "The morse code that begins at 0:44 (37 seconds into the video) translates to 3 4 . 2 8 1 5 5 1 1 8 . 7 3 6 4 8, which, when put into latitude and longitude becomes +34.28155, -118.73648, giving us the location of a United States Post Office in Simi Valley, CA."

From LGPedia: "Jonas's parents disappeared in 2000. Jonas's sister, despite acting like a child, is clearly no younger than 13. The reason why they never knew each other is not addressed in this video. She wouldn't be able to be any older than 7 for Jonas to have presumably not known of her, which is completely ruled out by the actresses appearance (though not necessarily her behavior, and the fact she even has a bed time.)"

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Does anyone know who played Emma? If so leave a comment below!!!!


  1. Holy crap, Holy crap, holy crap. WAUH! His "parents" are part of the HOM! That's not right! EVIL!

  2. That was the creepiest thing ever!!!

  3. I'm not sure why, but the oddness of this video really made me laugh. Jonas has gone down the rabbit hole, it seems.

  4. :[ This video is so sad. I cried Dx
    This video is so beyond depressing I hope Jonas doens't kill himself.
    Cute sister though :D I bet she isn't in the Hymn. Since she went to bed before Carl and Sonia came over

  5. The sister is cute, and definitely seems a little insane. Why did "Mom" have to go into her room first? To remove the restraints?

  6. No more hymn of one music. That was totally creepy XD

  7. There were 5 people in that circle holding hands and we didn't get to see the one's face. I'm pretty sure it was a girl but who exactly I wonder?

  8. That was just....weird. Him meeting his parents wasn't really emotional and it was rather rushed and I don't understand why they'd introduce them to their daughter and everything if they didn't remember him... Plotholes, much? And if they only disappeared a few years ago, where exactly did this teenage daughter of theirs come from?

    And Carl and Sonia need to die. They're freaks.

  9. Emma looks like Alessandra from the Flock.

  10. Haha I thought exactly the same about Emma/Alessandra!

    Perhaps the actress is moonlighting? O.o j/k lol

  11. so weird...why did they forget jonas? what explanation did they give to emma when she met her never before seen brother! im even doubting emma is jonas' sister...
    ugh just weird

  12. How much you want to bet that Emma is trait positive?

  13. I added 5 screen captures. The truck had the number "435" on it's side and on the back (as shown, but reversed since it was a mirror image), so that truck *almost* does not exist. Could this be a dream?

    Sister has Nyquill on her desk along with a red diary/book of some kind - handy for recording ribozyme levels, no doubt.

    There are 6 small votive candles, and each end of the table seems to have a 3-candle holder (similar to what Bree had in her bedroom), and also a single candle holder sitting on a square pad or napkin.

    Jonas' shirt ("what you are wearing is perfect") has a skull on the front and the letters RVCA on the back. I'm not cool enough to know what that is, but google found this weird site + video for RVCA clothing http://www.rvcaclothing.com

    We see the back of the head (dirty blond) of a woman that could be one of the previously seen HOO members, but looks a lot like Bree. Her hair is too light to be the sister.

  14. I think they have all had a little too much NyQuil.


    Active Ingredients (in each 15 ml tablespoon) (Purpose)
    Acetaminophen 500 mg (Pain reliever/fever reducer)
    Dextromethorphan HBr 15 mg (Cough suppressant)
    Doxylamine succinate 6.25 mg (Antihistamine)

  15. Hey guys, where do you solve the Problems so jonas knows? LG15 Forums? My login doesn't work anymore and the Admin ain't around. I'll try to find the house today

  16. So, his parents were possibly brainwashed. The sister isn't really his sister or their daughter cuz she's trait positive like Bree (and looks nothing like them). Jonas is gonna kidnap her to get her away from the HoO. Daniel, Taylor & Sarah will reunite with Jonas. There will be a bunch of videos that don't really move the story, and amount to whining about the Order.

    Did I just sum up the next 2-3 months??

  17. Could the "mystery woman" be another HoO representative?



  18. Is it me or is there still bright daylight outside when his Sis has to go to bed and the "guests" come?

  19. 34.29667 -118.68099 Could this be it? Still working on it though, just a guess.

  20. That was just way too rushed. I was hoping for more of a journey to find his parents. And it's pretty obvious that Emma must be an adopted trait positive girl, otherwise how on earth would the timeline work out?

  21. The order places children when they are still babies as I recall, so, how would the adoption theory work out?

  22. Well, Brainwashing I guess. Jonas' parents were probably chosen to be either re-born or re-used (they knew too much), they must have been high up, otherwise the Order wouln't have left Jonas with all the Money and the House (or: cared for). Or it was the Plan all along to get Jonas to look (Resisto?).
    Can't make out much more on the house, those coordinates are still the most likely location. Or it's not in Simi Valley...

  23. Jonas' Daddy: Peter James: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1053322/

  24. Am I the only person completely frustrated with this whole thing? The video made ZERO sense. Some strange kid shows up on their doorstep and they invite him in and let him hang out. Then the whole "sister" thing was totally weird. What did the Mom tell her? "Hey, the brother you never knew you had is here"?


    And what was the deal with Jonas? How could he not be completely furious with these people? And he doesn't even seem to be shocked at having a teenage sister? He just sits down an plays charades?

    This is total crap, Creators. You are taking short cuts again, leaving huge plotholes in your wake. And we're just supposed to go along.

    I don't know what's worse: the Creators giving us a lame video like this? Or all the people commenting on the LG15 site saying stuff like "this video was great!"?


  25. I don't know, I liked Emma, she reminded me of Mandy Moore, just bubbly and nice as heck.

    You'd think Jonas would have reacted more violently though to seeing people who were indirectly responsible for Bree's death show up at his family's house.

    But you wouldn't think he would be surprised his parents were in the Hymn of One, there was more than enough evidence of that last season.

  26. dude. she is totally trait + and her mom had to give her a shot before jonas could go in.

  27. I thought the blonde kind of looked like Lucy. Which would of course tie in with Emma being trait positive and in turn meaning she'd need a "helper". Just like Bree. :(


  28. I wonder how they converted Jonas dad from resistance to Hymn of One.

  29. That's exactly what I said, Jerry. Haha.


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