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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

KateModern: Charlie's Workout

Help! There’s a creepy guy in our house and Kate can’t see it…. Everyone meet Steve…

posted by http://bebo.com/ChazOnToast


  1. Brooklynxman, however you grabbed the code to embed this video, it was set such that it automatically started playing each time the page was refreshed. I edit/hacked the embed to stop this (by looking at the gid for the video on the source code on ChazOnToast's page on bebo, and at the embed code from modelmotion's post for Kate's "A New Friend" video)... but there is probably an easier/direct way to grab embed code which does not autoplay... modelmotion, can you let us know?

    (note: I don't have a bebo account, so I cannot access the "copy" button on the ChazOnToast page - there may be an option there).

    I can tell you the key parameter is in the FlashVars="..." part of the embed code are: &autoPlay=false&forcePlay=false
    so look for those.

  2. i. LOVE. charlie.

  3. I love Charlie.

  4. Hooray for Charlie!


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