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Friday, August 3, 2007

Nikki Bower says........ (in IRC chat)

nikkibowerreport: Hey it's Nikkiagain

nikkibowerreport: I really think that Daniel or Jonas, etc. would contact us if they needed help.

nikkibowerreport: So far there have been clues, locations, etc. Right now there's nothing to go on

nikkibowerreport: I don't want Marla running all over the place w/o a lead

LesterG: Nikki: do you think Deepthroat could be someone from the Order baiting them into another trap?

nikkibowerreport: I hope not Lester

nikkibowerreport: Marla, you should have kept going. The kids were in the alley near the statue.

marlasinger: Thanks betz - it was only a few seconds, but you saw DB running - we were concerned about him but stayed back like Nikki asked us to.

marlasinger: I'm sure they can take care of themselves.

nikkibowerreport: Dani

nikkibowerreport: you've missed SO much today

nikkibowerreport: i've been beating up watchers!

nikkibowerreport: *blushes*

R1kk1: Nikki, how did it feel to finally deal some damage back to the Order?

nikkibowerreport: It felt really good. It's about time!

marlasinger: we're going into town again. love you guys, i'm signing off irc.

This morning was so exciting... Santa Monica, Downtown, Santa Monica again. Now I feel so useless. I hope we get an update soon!

It's almost 3:00 pm. Didn't Deep Throat tell Daniel the ceremony is at 4pm?!

ahhhh I'm super worried

the hanger better be the right location

the ceremony is at 4:00... unless it's a trap. uh-oh

oh, that reminds me!!


Jonas asked if I would take care of his car LOL

I said anything for you gorgeous

so i called a tow truck! can you believe that?!

it didn't look very good.

yeah they said the watcher hit them from behind

LOL i don't think he's called his insurance. glad i'm can substitute for AAA

I think Nikki hit the watcher from behind harder than the watcher hit Jonas's car.


I am SO nervous right now


  1. Modelmotion,
    Are the creators going to pay you for doing all this since their site is down? They should

  2. Joe, ITA ,MM HUGE KUODOS 2 U!!!!!!!


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