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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Resistance Message - RAGResistance

Equality in Life; Equality in Death. Fight the Order. Join The Resistance


  1. Hello Rag...remember when we were talking about you making a video? Well, your end result here has surpassed my expectations tenfold, and I would just like to thank you immensely for your efforts...

    I also highly enjoyed your "techno" beat music in the background...it set the tone of the video nicely. Furthermore, you should use this music in all of your videos, so that it may become a staple of yours...

    Thanks to people like you, who's eyes are not shut to the truth but are wide open, the Order stands no chance against us.

  2. Hopefully you are right-

    but these rules that what's his face are putting out are totally being misinterpreted!


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