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Thursday, September 13, 2007

KateModern: Desperately Seeking Shia

Dreams do come true! The music is 'Thin Disguise' by my fave band Sneaky Sound System!!


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  1. It's so funny - Shia is the same age as my little brother.... I'm starting to feel old.

  2. I mean, I used to watch him on Even Stevens on the Disney channel when he was really little. How strange is that?

  3. Hahahaha! Did she just call it a sandwich?!

    It would be incredibly funny if she met Shia and everything was peachy keen, but then he turned out to be in the order! HAHA! :D

    I wonder how what's-his-face feels about all this.

  4. This is a bit weird to me. I still see Shia as the middle schooler on Even Stevens.

    I was surprised at how old he is. I thought he was still around 16-18, but he's actually 21.

  5. This was hilarious, but if they get him to cameo, then I'll be impressed.

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