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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Living with Girls - Danielbeast (LG15)

We're back in my hometown and Jonas rented a house for the three of us. This should be interesting. - Daniel

Music by: Beight
Song: In The Middle

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  1. So Sarah moonlights as a Dominatrix.

  2. oh haha it took me a minute but JUGGLING!!!!! YAY DANIELBEAST!!! :D

  3. Danielbeast is my new best friend!

  4. was that a flyswatter or the riding crop from Taylor's vid? does Jonas still have his parents money? or are they funding the house and Jonas now? how does that work when you come back to life and your money's gone to your heir?

  5. so... daniel's going to fail the class, his gf is going to dump him after uncovering whatthey are doing and/or thinking he is a loser w/ no future, and he and sarah will get together... typical lg15. It's OK though. I still love you...

  6. i dont know about that... i think the conflict will go on for a while. maybe his gf will be uneasy at first, then she'll start vlogging too because when something freaks you out about someone and you're trying to figure it out, the obvious choice is to broadcast how you're feeling to millions of people you don't know.

    i kind of like what they have going on now though, to be honest. they could take this somewhere for a while, i just hope they dont hit a snag in the plot too soon from now.

  7. "take control of your life daniel"

    Um, two things

    A. Since when has he ever done that.

    B. That really screams HoO to me. What is it with him and HoO women?

  8. I thought the same thing regarding the "take control of your life Daniel" comment: ORDER!

    Interesting how The Order seems way more threated by Daniel. They follow him, take pictures of him, kidnap him, and are always trying to convince him to "go home."

  9. I wondered about the money issue too in regards to Jonas rents. It would seem like their re-appearance would create some issues.

  10. Ok, and where is Taylor in the story? She's at high school and isn't involved anymore in the storyline?? And that neutrogena douchegel thing, bring SPENCER back!! You had some product placement now, so Spencer can get back.

  11. I don't like mallory shes too nice.... maybe its a cover and she's gonna go all Aunt Alex on us!
    Team Sarah!
    Oh and I miss Taylor and Spencer too!


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