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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A New Hope!!!- jonastko (LG15)

We're not afraid anymore, and we're definitely not running. Jonas Faction: THE RESISTANCE


  1. I just dont understand how Bree and the others NEVER discovered this power before? I mean Kate Modern already knows about it (mostly), and Emma of course figured it out super quick. I'm trying not to be frustrated with this story line but it's getting difficult. And truthfully I think they kind of jumped the gun on the Kate Modern thing...I dont feel any attachment to her as a person, only as someone who is like Bree....who I did have a very big attachment to. They should have made her more real before getting into the story line.

    Just my thoughts.


  2. Maybe these girls are like Rogue from the X-Men. Touching these guys sucks out their lifeforce, thus adding time to their own lives! :P Feasible explanation for the longevity qualitys of their trait positive blood? Maybe!

    And hey, if the Elder dudes are draining them of their blood ... does that mean they are getting their powers as well as the life-extending qualities of the blood?

    NO WONDER these guys are untouchable!

    I agree though, pretty lame that Bree never figured it out and now we've got two girls who figured it out almost right away. LAME!


  3. So... if these "powers" worked on the guy Emma killed, why haven't Bree, Kate or Emma killed anyone else? They've all touched other people...

    Maybe Emma got him with her concealed tazer... lol.

  4. As much as I'd like to believe this has all been planned out and that there's a perfectly good reason Bree never found her "power" (maybe it has to be used out of aggression in order for it to work?), the way this has suddenly just come up in the last few days sounds like the creators may have run into a dead end and come up with this "powers" concept in a hurry.

  5. so kate has "dreams", emma has the death touch ...bree had what? the ability to prove science wrong?

  6. well one explanations for Bree never finding her power could be that she actually never rebelled against her captors... She did it voluntarily or at least partly conscious... That's why the whole free will element would be important...


  7. I don't like this whole....Superhero...power storyline. If I wanted a sci-fi story like that, I'd watch Heroes.

    If this is the direction the stories going in, I won't be sticking around with either.

  8. I actually prefer this change of events.

    Because frankly the 'helpless innocent young girls' thing was getting old, nice to see that Emma's story isn't going to be so...stereotypical.

  9. Maybe they all have different powers. Bree had the power of persuasion, she could make thousands of people the world over fall in love with her, just be talking about her lazy eye...

  10. oh wait I get it, "A New Hope"

    Emma is Luke Skywalker heh.

  11. To anonymous 9/12, 8:53 am...

    Does this mean the story will involve incest??


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