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Thursday, September 27, 2007

No More Lies - Sarah (LG15)

Daniel hasn't told Mallory the truth, so I've decided to do something about it. - Sarah


  1. what's his double life? like.. the whole "let fight the order" business? because i feel like thats more in his past. and in that case, you dont share all of your past with someone you've only know a month. plus it's not her place. when has she lied. did mallory recent ask her, "has daniel been fighting against some huge cult that killed his best friend or something?" maybe if sarah had to say no to that she would be justified...?

  2. I think Daniel let her believe that the older videos were all just fake, like his professors think. I also think she has no idea that Daniel and Sarah were together, and thats the reason Sarah hates her so much.

    It's totaly not Sarah's place, but I can really see where the drive to do this is coming from. She has convinced herself that what she is doing is right and that Daniel will come back to her after she does it. She is sadly mistaken about that one tho...

  3. I'm glad Sarah wants to do this.

  4. It's a good idea that sarah is going to do this becasue it could either a) solidify a relationship between dan and mal or b) give sarah the upper hand.

    ps: last time we saw a video setting like this:

    Gemma's video about her new "boyfriend." nice little side note to remember

  5. Who picks the thumbnails?

  6. I need help. I have a crush on Sarah.

    What would actually be cool is if Daniel takes Mallory to the same place he took Bree in the "Swimming" video. And in the middle of the video...
    Mallory: What ever happened to that girl Bree?
    Daniel: "Who"

    Don't feel like typing the rest, but you get the idea.

  7. Joe, you my friend are awesome.

  8. Thanks Zetroc,
    Unfortunately the creators decided to go in another direction. Morons.


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