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Friday, October 5, 2007

Be in the Maddison Atkins Trailer

Hey. It's me Jeromy with my first ever post on LG15 Today!

So. I got this idea to make this promotional piece for Maddison Atkins. It features the fans, so, if you want to be in it, here's your chance!

Here's what I'd like you to do:

For those who were around for Maddison Chapter 1, record yourself (video preferably, but just audio is OK) using this script:

I knew Maddison
I met her online
She was ______.
(fill in the blank with a 1-3 word description - doing as many of these as the person wants)

I tried to help her.

I miss her.
If you can help.

If you weren't around for Chapter 1, but are around following the story now, here's your script

I didn't know Maddison.
When she was alive.
I've seen her videos.
She was _______
(fill in the blank with a 1-3 word description)
Maybe there's something I can do now.
To help her.
To avenge her death.

If you can help.

Record at the highest resolution possible, and make sure your face is well lit. Deliver each line clearly, and take 2 second pauses after each period in the script. Also, it's ok to improvise in the style I've written above. If you have something in mind, go for it. Make it a short statement like the ones in the scripts.

The deadline is Tuesday October 9th, so get on it. Spread the word too, because this piece will be most effective with 30-50 submissions.

Once you get yours finished - email me at [email protected] for instructions on how to upload it to my site. I'll edit the commercial on Wednesday the 10th so everyone
can see it.

Looking forward to your work.



  1. So, like, what script should we use if we were around for Chapter 1 but we didn't use, like, IRC or anything to talk with her?

  2. craft the scripts to fit your experience.


  3. This is such a sweet idea.

  4. Yea, I love the interactivity. But, I so miss Maddy.

  5. me too, modelmotion, me too.


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