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Friday, October 5, 2007

Enter The Order - Charlie (KateModern)

I met some ‘friends’ after work who seemed to have some new information on Kate. Have a look at the Michelle Clore picture I posted on my Bebo page and let me know what you see. The music is 'Situation O' by Dr Kuch.

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  1. Cool, I called it - the Clore 'artwork' circles are stereograms. (to view, click the link in the description, put your nose very close to your monitor and defocus your eyes a bit, then slowly back away while continuing to focus beyond the surface of the monitor.

    This image is the hymn of one symbol.

  2. An Elder this plain in sight???
    Something seems fishy.

  3. Finally! Something I'm good at! I love these things!

  4. Wow, this is the first stereogram that I've ever been able to see. Awesome!

    Indeed, it's a hymn of one symbol. Very neat.

    - TOSG

  5. darn, haven't been able to see the symbol yet, but doesn't it look like the small repeating pattern in the picture is a group of people?

  6. oh I see the symbol now!

  7. yep, its the symbol.

    This is very cleverly done!

  8. i TOLD you it was Magic Eye... it's definitely the Hymn of One symbol.

  9. If the trait + girls are conditioned with a special diet, it makes me wonder if Bree sneaking the chocolate (back when she was with Creepy Carl) may have altered her blood chemicals enough to NOT have made her blood transfusion to the rogue elder work?


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