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Monday, November 5, 2007

Abstract Heart - Kate (KM)

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Some new work…


Glen Bledsoe - Tango Cacafuego
Glen Bledsoe - Man Eats 'Taters
John Williams - Sunbreak


  1. Can I get a "What... the... fuck???"

    *sigh* I'm kinda over these puzzle/codes...
    I'm pretty sure there's one here right now... but my little video downloader doesn't download from Bebo... grrr-age!

  2. something about twins or cloning?

  3. really really creepy, but i like her dresses!!

  4. Does anyone know how to download off Bebo? I am sure there is a flash file downloaded to your computer but finding it or capturing it is a different matter.

    all suggestions are welcome!!! On Mac or PC.

    Oh for the good old days of Revver.

  5. Those were a bizarre 2 minutes that I have forever lost from my life.

  6. but it IS wonderfully reminiscent of CiW & Co.

  7. i really think I've figured out what Kate is trying to say!!!

    She's saying that she's still in the UK and that she is having some serious inner conflicts about the order and her past. she has three ways to go: Kate, Old Genevive and New Genevive. But At the end it seems to me that she's saying that Kate as we knew her is gone and dead, and now all there is is Genevive. But she doesn't know who to trust, or if she can even trust herself.


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