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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is LG15 Still An Industry Leader?

Are the corporate suits ruining TV?
"Zwick and I have joined that migration to the Internet. We've created a project called "quarterlife" -- a series and a social network -- that we own and control, and we had to give up our TV deal in order to do it."


"Because if it does, it will prove that there's a way to independently produce, finance and distribute ambitious content on the Internet. And if we can do it, others can do it."


  1. Does that mean that within five years we won't have the same sort of access to our own creative endeavors via the internet? Are they going to lock this up from us too? I'd hate to think of our fanfic and ARG people (who are the pioneers of this still-new medium) being locked out of something that they had a huge part in creating...

    And now Oprah has officially joined the youtube community... I wondered if this is a good thing?

    I like that we "little people" still have some creative power somewhere. I hope that never changes. :)

  2. When I first stumbled onto lonelygirl15 I quickly realized a new medium had been born. In one of my first of many dialogues with the Cs I told them I would be more of a friend of the show than a fan. I told them they were the industry leader and if they could prove money could be made in the medium then as an aspiring writer the medium would become available to me. I read this article and it completely frustrates me that QL is presenting itself as the industry leader in internet programming. Quite frankly QL doesn't impress me. I think it's a couple of guys who took a pilot and adapted it for the internet. On the other hand, what has lg15 done to maintain that profile? By now lg15 should be showcasing a ton of series whether they be produced by lg15 or not. I just recently met with Miles and Greg and I mentioned the strike. I told them I think they need to have a response, to be ready when the eyeballs turn to them. Inevitably there would be an article about shows on the internet as alternate viewing when reruns started. You know what I'd do? I'd create an elder who was studio mogul. I'd have him send a shadow to chase Daniel right through all the striking writers. Social commentary with a side of raising your profile amongst peers and potential future partners. Or you can just buy them donuts like so many others are doing to show support. The point is this is an opportunistic time. The time to challenge greg to braid his hair was 6 months ago. BTW I found this article. I found it because Joss Whedon refrenced it: http://whedonesque.com/comments/14699#196600 How cool would it be if Joss referenced lg15? Man, I realy don't want to have to register at Quarterlife...


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