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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

BreeFM "The Cowboy" Auditions Female Role - Your Vote Counts!

From MicFranXon "Hey Everyone,

In the first round of votes will be our females, there is only ONE female role so far announced. Runner ups to this friendly contest will be called upon should another female role be posted!

Listen to each one for at least 2 minutes before going on to the next.
When you have heard all the contestants, You may vote once! SO listen to each one, remember this is a AUDIO drama....and good luck to all the ladies!

(All votes will be tallied Monday, November 12th at 5pm PDT)"

To vote visit the BreeFMCowboy Auditions Blogspot

EDIT: As a reminder, here are the notes about the roles from the Oct 10 article http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2007/10/wild-wednesday-continues-with-glennfm.html

RADIO DRAMA: The untold saga of the Cowboy: how to audition. Its all going to make sense.

What was missing from the LG story? What was the Cowboys plan and what it does it feel like to be the Cowboy? Does a white van really fit in?

To participate:

1. Post an audition video. In our community we post videos....you can just have a black screen, a head shot, a drawing etc. - the voice is the most important thing

2. Need:1 female lead, 1 male for the Cowboy and one person who is working with the Cowboy

3 Any additional roles will be filled from the same auditions.

4 Pick a monologue to read from for the audition. Find something the means something to you. eg:
For one of the roles they need someone who is like an authority figure. - read something like that.
For the Cowboy - something more earnest.
For female - something working class.


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