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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Clara's Storyteller Video is under Attack

The top 12 rated videos in the MySpace Storyteller Challenge as of Nov 16th NOON PST will be Semifinalists in a contest that could allow Maddison Atkins' creator Jeromy Barber via his character Clara to pitch his story to industry experts, and possibly win a significant cash prize as well as a development contract with Fox Broadcasting Corp.

In the last few hours, the rating on Clara's video has dropped from the high 80's down to 79%. Clearly, the competition is negatively rating the better videos.

We didn't set these conditions. MySpace did. Let's do what we can to help this worthy independent producer get his chance to move forward in this contest. Let's mobilize the "Red Army" now.

Please click the red link "Operation Storyteller" at the top of this blog to go to a separate blog with full details about what you can do to help.

If you can, help.

EDIT: Please review the modified "Operation Storyteller" blog page before adding additional comments. I hope we can all get behind this plan enthusiastically, and if there are any more issues that need to be addressed to acheive that, let me know on that blog or in chat! Thanks,
~ QtheC


  1. I have circulated a bulletin to all my friends to please vote for the vid... I suggest that's a simple grass roots way to get the booyah's! we need and perhaps get a new viewer of the series or two.

  2. I defer to the common opinion about the best and fairest approach to promoting the Maddison Atkins story, and am modifying the blog accordingly.

    I have also deleted the previous discussion to prevent misunderstandings from here on.

    See me in chat if you have questions for me.

    Please help!

  3. Hi,

    I tried to read the Operation Storyteller Blog and couldn't. I even went through the hassle of making an account at Google. It says I need to be invited. Is something up that I just can't read it? I could have sworn I read it earlier.



  4. I understand some people cut and paste from an early version of the "Operation Storyteller" blog and posted on MySpace. That's partially my fault as the source of that material.

    But it has been grossly exaggerated by the individuals who seem to be out to attack this community. I don't know who it is or why.

    The reality is that as soon as the first 2 or 3 people here reviewed what I had posted and pointed out my errors, we revised the blog this morning to comply fully with the rules for the contest. We are not endorsing creation of multiple accounts per person, and are encouraging people to vote for the videos they like and against the ones they don't like.

    No one here wants to cheat or put the contest in jeopardy. We just want to support a quality independent video producer who has given us a wonderful story. It would be great if a wider audience got to enjoy that work.

    We are absolutely NOT responsible for the ratings going down on many of the videos on MySpace today. If we were, then the one video we are "supporting" would not have dropped from 81% to 72% approval rating in the last day and a half. We just don't have the numbers to have a big impact.

    What is likely happening is that the very people that are scape goating this small community's efforts are themselves busy voting against all competition.

    More generally, I think people voted first "thumbs-up" for friend's videos (giving high early ratings) and are now watching and voting up or down on other videos (bring most numbers down on average).

    If you have questions, I will be in the IRC chat most evenings all week - as QtheC.

  5. I don't use IRC nor MySpace for that matter so I don't know if you'll answer my question here.

    You mention that this is a small community, but it's my understanding from checking the links provided here (i only watch LG15 videos)that you were all able to get Redearth views to go from in the 5-6k range to over 100k in a matter of days. Since I don't use MySpace I don't know if this is true but wouldn't you have one of the biggest if not biggest communities supporting someone in the challenge? If so I wouldn't call yourselves a small community as if you are underdogs.

    Also it's my opinion that the Operation Storyteller blog should be public. If from what I have read is accurate, people are spamming places saying you are cheating and encouraging people to make multiple accounts. They include your blog entry. Now you have edited the entry to stay within the rules. Yet if no one can see that entry, as an outsider following a link i would take it being private to mean you are hiding something.

    If it was me I would have the blog public, have an entry stating what your old entry said, explain what you now feel and leave it at that. It shows you are being fair and not keeping anything secret.

    Thanks for reading and good luck,


  6. Actually, it was a later version posted in the forums for the contest. I think it's unfortunate that it still said "accounts" even though it meant your one and only account after the adjustment.


    I'm still opposed to mindlessly voting down the competition, as I said before. I'm fine with voting for/against as deserved (even with bias).

    Also, I noticed Jeromy's posting mentioned that the votes from the 9th were removed for all videos. Could that be the source of the so-called attack?

    I understand your intentions were good through all of this, QtheC. I just hope it's clear that just because one fan suggested something doesn't really reflect on the video or creator or actions of the community. Especially since it was suggested after it appeared that the same thing was already happening by others for other videos.

  7. yak, as far as I know, the votes on the 9th are fine. It is the votes on that Thursday, the 8th, that were not included in the competition because the competition started on the 9th. So, if you voted on Thursday, or think you might have, please vote again. You won't be voting twice, because myspace only counts your latest vote per video.

    I encourage everyone to vote again if you think you voted on that Thursday.

  8. Ah. My bad. I misread.

  9. If anyone is creating mutliple accounts for the sole purpose of stacking votes in favor of one video - that is cheating - and hopefully you will burn in that special place for doing so.

    Secondly - all that matters is thumbs up votes in the myspace storyteller contest. Any thumbs down votes don't matter.

    All that is indicative of is that someone is taking too much time to vote down your video and they think it matters because they didn't investigate how voting works in this contest.

    Thumbs down votes don't mean jack.

    It's the thumbs up you want - so to the cheaters that you might be by creating multiple accounts: enjoy your time in hell. Bring a bathing suit - it gets hot down there.

  10. In response to Mike above about the YouTube views, I was did not have much to do with that (only posting a handful of comments there myself), but I think what happened was that a core group of fans each posted many comments in a chat-room style of conversation. Each time they reload the page, it increases the view counts, and the fairly high number of comments in a short time resulted in some daily and weekly honors for those videos.

    This did increase visibility on YouTube and brought in some new viewers and some new subscribers. This enthusiasm and little bit of promotion has been cast in a negative light by one or two individuals, but I don't see it that way - it was all done in fun and certainly no harm occured as a result.

    Posting a link to a channel you like on a popular forum, or recommending something via email to friends would probably have a similar, if not greater impact.

  11. Hi everyone, I added a long status/explanation to the "Operation Storyteller" blog and restored it to "public" viewable status. I hope this will address any concerns. (It's a little long and verbose I'm afraid, but there was a lot to cover).


  12. Nicely explained over there. Good job. :-)


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