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Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Community Under Attack Needs Your Help

As most of you know we as a community have been under attack recently. An unknown person or persons has deleted thousands of comments on youtube from the Redearth88 series, Fan made videos, almost all of my videos, and now they are going after Lonelygirl15. The newest LG15 video has had most of its comments deleted, and it appears all the new ones being deleted as well.

In times of crisis, communities have to band together, show that they are here for each other. In that spirit I am asking for the help of Miles and Greg, the lonelygirl15 creators, to help convince youtube to find the person responsible for this, stop them, protect us from it happening again, and recover our lost comments. This person or persons isnt just going after us individually, they are attacking us as a community. The entire Lg15, Redearth, and the fan community are being singled out and assaulted.

In recent times there has been discussion of a rift between Lonelygirl15 fans and redearth88 fans. I'm asking for us to come together in a time of need, to band together and show that we are one community and we are strong. I am asking for Greg and Miles to stand up for us the fans and help us, to play the hero and to make youtube deal with this.

Please, for the sake of our community, the fans and the creators all as one united, help us to stop this from happening and to recover what we lost.

Also, I am asking the fans and members of this community to show their support by leaving a comment below, to speak their peace about what is going on and to show their support for the creators of the lonelygirl15 and redearth88 videos, and for the fans who have been attacked.

Unity, come as one stand together.


  1. Right on Greg! I've been bummed about this. Bring back our comments!

  2. its such a shame that this is even possible to happen

  3. You are so right Greg, I am with you.
    They also attacked FacilityJ/Worldfiles/Wow comments on Deagol's account. Who knows where it will stop, we are all vulnerable.

  4. What I find a little sad is that it's taking something like this to address this issue (this supposed "rift"). But hey, sometimes it takes a crisis to shed light on deeper issues. And I, as always, am in it for the long haul.


  5. I don't know anything about a "rift" because I have not been watching LG15 very long but I just went over to the Redearth video & watched it and gave it a high rating. I really hope you tube fixes this and catches the perp, it is terrible this has happened.

  6. Hey guys, I sent an email to YouTube. Hopefully they will be able to fix this as soon as possible. Thanks for the heads up!

    Also, check out my post in the forum...


    We just added chat!!! And... we have upgraded the user accounts to make it easier for people to tell stories... in fact Glenn/Jeromy can use the LG15 redearth88 account.

    Watch Redearth88 on LG15: http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/?page_id=113&member=20415

    So can everyone!

    Watch GregGallows on LG15:

    Watch WorldFiles on LG15:

    Watch OperationOssifrage on LG15:

    Watch desertfae on LG15:

    Watch EricaCrowley on LG15:

    and MANY MANY MORE!!!

    We encourage EVERYONE to create their own fan storylines that expand the LG15 Universe. What's your take on the Order? Is the HOO really that evil? What's with purple monkey? Expanding the LG15 Universe is is what makes this show fun!


  7. Since when can just anyone delete comments on youtube? Is this a new thing?

  8. It's unfortunate that this had to happen, but when one door closes, someone opens a window. This is our window to bridge the "rift" between two comunities. Anyone seen lion king 2? If you have, think of the part where the outsiders and the pride are in a big fight, then Kiara (Simba's daughter) says the line (in reply to Simba's order "don't side with them, they're not like us")
    "Us? They ARE us. A wise king once told me (she's talking about when Simba said this in regards to him and his daughter) we are one." In the end, they all form a happy family and Elton John music plays.....but my POINT IS that we should use this as a way to become one.

  9. Someone seems to be exploiting a bug on YouTube. I'm certain YouTube will be very interested in putting a stop to this... but this is no threat to this community, and will surely be dealt with soon.

  10. surfthetsu here,

    I am going to post this up on the phorums... probably getting it in the wrong section in the process, so feel free to move it... but I thought itd be good to generate awareness...

  11. Good luck fixing this breach and finding the hacker!

  12. *agrees with all*

  13. You know, they only attack what they envy. If nothing else, this will help show that there isn't a riff and that we're all fans!

  14. let's kick some youtube ass!!!!! this is really sad that some little shit is doing this, and youtube allows it to occur.

  15. I hope they find out whos doing this- its just down right mean!!

  16. I hope they find the person who did this and kick his or her ass! You just don't do this, it's mean and stupid!!

  17. I'm sure this will be dealt with soon. What I don't get is why anyone would target this community. Because this is a friendly community, there is alot of harsh and hateful places on the internet, but this sure isn't one of em. This is a place where friends come together to discuss a common interest, but not only that. People here are intelligent, creative and a lot of people really keep giving to the community. Of course there is a discussion every now and then, but in general this IS a friendly community. For someone to disrupt that in this mather just isn't right, but since strong friendships have been made here I know it will not knock us down. It will make us stronger! Fight the hackers!!! (and the order)

  18. lg15,redearth fans unite!


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