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Friday, November 9, 2007

creation blames creator - PJ

So, there is much to be said for Lonelygirl15-

The webseries that dared to ignore the line between entertainment and reality and inspire millions, my self included.

My thoughts on the creators recent behavior regarding the site and interaction.

Article by PJ (SonofAStitch)


  1. I agree that there was a huge void felt when opaphid was no longer a part of the series.

    Good thing opaphid is back in redearth88!

  2. Ah, the power of being anonymous. You can make bold claims without having to be held accountable for them.

    Aren't we lucky?

  3. Oh please, what ridiculousness.

    The lonelygirl15 story you are seeing /right now/ is the story that the Creators have created without Glenn. So there you have it. Exactly what you asked for. The Order was around before Gemma said "OPAPHID." The story had long wanted to go in a more "evil society" direction.. I mean, the Ceremony was around before Glenn, and that was ALL about the bad guys at the religion Bree belonged to. If you don't like his work in the series, that's fine, but don't blame him for causing the series to "lose a lot." The gears for such storylines were there before he came on board, and since he's left, you have HAD the chance to see what the Creators do without him.

    And wow, you're really going to sit there and claim that "Glenn made his proverbial bed" but also admit that you have no idea what went on behind the scenes? So how do you know that Glenn's to blame? You're going on circumstantial evidence. You have no facts to back up your claims, and you fully admit that you never will because you were not a Creator, or Glenn, or anyone who would actually know what had happened, and frankly, the full details were never published. So don't state things as "fact" when we both know that you have absolutely no proof of them being such.

    Really, I would suggest that YOU not go re-writing history. Because you're /not/ Miles, Greg, or Glenn. You weren't there. You don't know what really happened.

  4. Well, there are people who know a lot about what happened "behind the scenes" from all sides, and, in my opinion, PJ is fairly accurate on the facts. Its bullshit to say "you don't know, but you know something happened." That's like how we KNEW their there WMD's in iraq. Sure, PJ injects some opinions into his article, but it doesn't invalidate it.

    Glenn wasn't a martyr and he wasn't a saint, and neither are the Creators. But things didn't have to go down the way they did at all. Fans of Tachyon really got a punch to the stomach when that happened. It a ridiculous plot hole for that time in the show. Oh, and the Creators didn't act with "evil intent" either. The willingness of the Creators to support RedEarth88 on lg15.com is a hint that the "controversy" has died down.


    Regarding comments "exploding," i wouldn't say opaphid did that. however, opaphid offered an outlet for those who wanted to get intensely involved in an ARG to do so. So, among that core group, they probably did feel like comments "exploded."

    Anony of comment #2 is clearly an early fan, as I was. however, the Creators didn't have a long term plot plan dreamed up (atleast not in detail) beyond 'on the run'. as my article on CiW (see at http://www.anchorcove.net) argues, CiW and later OpAphid strongly influenced the direction of Lonelygirl15. If there was never a CiW, its very possible that lg15 would have been somewhat different, surely with less of an ARG component.

  5. I probably should have been less vague, I didn't mean the youtube comments at all. I meant the main site, alot of the comments I saw said "OPAPHID? I KNEW IT WAS CANON" amd stuff like that.

    If you don't agree with the things I said, I'm not here to stop you, what I wrote was a personal blog not a newspaper article. Opinions are opinons, and #2 I don't think any less of you for yours. I too wonder what would have happened if Op had never been made canon.

    The answer is, I never would have made such great friends, I wouldn't be working on Lonelyjew and there would be no Tinny/Addmusic/OpAdolf/Blitzyon. I have a bit more to owe to it than you do, #2. I'm just sad you decided not to tell us who you were.


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