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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Early KM event report

Lee turned up dressed as a bishop with flowers and the gnome. He said the flowers were for Sophie and to not touch the gnome until Gavin got there.

Sophie turned up late and we showed her the flowers and told her to see if there was a hidden message in them. Then while she was looking A WATCHER came up and took the gnome. Sophie chased after him but he knocked her down and walked off. She was distraught we didn't get to see the clue and blamed herself then ran off herself.

I got the flowers (and no there was no hidden message. Thom got there late but me,him and Chele got prizes (A bebo hat, t-shirt, sticker and wristbands, and a Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000.


  1. Jenna, you are on a roll. Great report. Thank you sooooo much. U ROCK!

  2. What prizes did you get???

  3. What in the Sam Hellio does the Watcher need the clue for? It has nothing to do with Kate, or HoO! Or DOES it? Dun Dun DUHNNNNNNNNNN!

  4. Jenna Rocks! I wonder if Lucy like gnomes?

  5. i'll fill you in when i get home. Look at bree.avery on flickr for some pictures

  6. Thanks for this story Jenna! A watcher? Must be what the clue from Lee was about, the second part. "But there's a catch, there's always a watch". No clue, so how are they gonna get the software back now??

  7. Microsoft may be watching you through that cam!

    Lee is a very odd fellow.


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