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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jeromy: I got this in the mail

From: http://12thstreethouse.blogspot.com

If you sent me this and it's a trailhead and/or puzzle.... TELL ME!

It's awesome. Maya and I are totally confused by it, but all the same, we decided that "who's" might mean "whois" so she found www.faceintheclouds.com, and I followed up with the registrant with an email.

Thought the community at large might enjoy this.



  1. What's on the front of the postcard? Maybe there is a clue there?

  2. both sides are scanned there - looks like there could be somethig in the clouds but i can't imagine coming up with anything specific from that image.

  3. It almost looks like a dragon or something. Reminds me of the luck dragon from Neverending Story.


  4. Just to clarify... (I already got a PM and an e-mail asking me... LoL)
    I WAS in Madison, WI all summer, as many of you know, but I SWEAR I have nothing to do with this. Seriously.
    With that being said, I believe I've seen this postcard before. It doesn't strike me as anything different from the original postcard.
    And Cpt. Obvious is going to tell you that if you know anyone from Cali that tends to come over to this part of the Midwest alot... that's who you should start asking.
    This is definitely intriguing.

  5. definitely - especially considering the postcard is sent from Santa Barbara!

  6. I added the oval around an image that look like a face ... could be anyone, but looks a little like Voyboy to me. ;)

  7. Does anyone know how to do handwriting analysis?

  8. protip: tachyon is one postcard-sendin' mutha fucka

  9. also - the front of the card hasn't been tampered with as far as we can tell. the postcard itself is made by a company called argonaut - you can look at it at their site...er...where the heck did i put that link.

    as for tachyon...hmm...

    and a big thing is:

    "who's" versus "whose"

  10. All the way to the right, it looks like Wile Coyote.

  11. That is suppose to be "Wile E. Coyote". Someone want to edit that for me. The "E" makes it funnier, trust me.

  12. reminds me of the great warpylol debate over what could be soon in the car on the "Add Poe Hinder Vilification" video...lol

  13. *seen, not soon...damn rum!

  14. personally, I see a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle head on the right facing the sky.


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