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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Long live Maddison

The true story of virtual girl who made a real impact in an alternate reality

"The 19-year-old SFA student never really existed, but that doesn't matter. News of her demise sent shockwaves through the online community that followed her every move. Friends mourned, created video eulogies and demanded answers. How had it come to this?"
For the complete story read:


  1. The thing that still bothers me is the way Bree never responded when we asked her for help with Maddy. I mean I talked to Bree about a lot of things. We talked about the Moonies. We talked about New Age religions. However when it came to Maddy she was silent and because of that I watched my friend Maddy die at the hands of a psychopath on YouTube.

    Bree I know i mourn your death now as well but I have to ask. How could it all end like this?

  2. Awesome article!!

  3. "It's hard having a depressed character," Barber said. "Anytime she shows up, people give her grief, which makes her wait longer before she shows up again."

    Keep this in mind, folks!

  4. You mean, if the majority had told her NOT to run...she could still be here? SAD. So very very sad. :(
    But the assassin was there...someone was going to tell her to run! Was she supposed to stay, for Warpy?

  5. Modelmotion, you are right as always :(

    Crimson Realm aye? I cant wait to see this :)

    /me gets excited


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