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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rated G (for giggles not guns) - meepersanon

Don't shoot! I just wear sunglasses to protect my eyes!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1hkfxLqSR0 <-----Subscribe on YouTube.


  1. If anyone sees meepers around remind her that she needs to activate the embed in her youtube prefs.

  2. Video is SO EXCELLENT!!!!!


  3. i love you meepers, you need to make more videos! you're amazing. <3

  4. Thanks for fixing the "embed" meepers:) Great video!

  5. LoL
    I was seriously thinking, "The only thing that meeper's argument needs to make it a perfect argument is some sort of tribute to Benny Hill." And boom! She provides it...
    meepers... you're the bestest!!!

  6. This is just an amazing video! Hahaha :) Meepers, you rock!

  7. seriously... americans have strange ideas about violence. no one is complaining about laws that allow EVERYONE to OWN weapons. but then people are wondering: OMG why are these kids shooting their teachers at school??!! OMG why are there so many movies about violence??!! I don't wanna say anything against meepers, but isn't there a contradiction...?

  8. Annhestia,

    I'm not American. I live in Australia. In Australia there is strict gun laws which do not allow anyone to possess a gun without a license which is very difficult to obtain. As a result I know no one who owns a gun, no one who has ever held a gun and no one who wishes to possess one.

    I do not comment on the gun laws of other countries. Most are responsible for voting in their own government and hence the law systems which are created as consequence. However I do believe that here is Australia, prohibiting people from owning guns is hugely responsible in the absence of any mass public shootings within the last 10 years. I feel that other countries would be clever to observe this correlation and consider tougher gun control.

    As for my video, I merely like to comment on the directions of lonelygirl15 production and add a comical spin for entertainment. I do not expect to have any of my videos taken seriously or seen as a negative comment on the show.



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