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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Redearth88 videos - Where Have All the Comments Gone

Many of you have noticed the deletion of comments on the Redearth88 videos. Now, comments have been deleted for all redearth videos, lofisyndicate, the one opaphid video related to redearth88, the one 10033 (brother) video related to redearth88, and the one warpylol video related to redearth88. It has not hit the one warpylol video related to maddison atkins, nor has it hit the Opaphid, Tachyon, warpylol, and 10033 videos related to lonelygirl15.

There is also a curious comment left on some of the redearth videos "Hahhahahaha all your comments are gone forever! Stupid people, might as well quit trying" I believe was the exact quote. This is the work of a youtube hack performed by one person or a small group. The accounts themselves have not been hacked, but somehow the comments are being deleted.

I have received word from youtube that they are working to rectify the problem and find out who it is that is doing this. Curiously, it has only affected redearth88 related videos. Clara's and Maddison's videos are unaffected, for now.

All I can tell you know is youtube is working to figure this out. This is malicious, and I am sure youtube has legal repercussions if they figure out who is behind it. Youtube has gotten more sophisticated at catching these things than they used to be.

As a community, all we can do now is wait. I am sure youtube will fix it, and this will be good going forward because hopefully youtube will fix the problem so that it does not happen to anyone else.

Remember that youtube subscriber glitch a while back. I guess this is something like it, except it is only targeting redearth88 videos.


  1. You wrote: "The accounts themselves have not been hacked, but somehow the comments are being deleted."

    How do you know the accounts have not been hacked? Unless there is a bug as you are assuming, the most likely explanation is that someone guessed the account password(s) and has deleted the comments by logging in.

  2. scary and frustrating! I'll try to be better about putting important stuff onto the fora (that is the plural of forum, right?) so that there's a record. there was some choice theories, etc., on those comments that now might be lost.

  3. qthec,

    they ahve not been hacked because the log ins say like "4 hours ago" at the same time that the comments are being deleted. You have to log in to do that.

    It's something outside of the account. If someone had access to the account, they would not be deleting comments, they would be wreaking havoc. Deleting videos, changing the channel, uploading porn, etc.

  4. hmmmm, that makes sense probably. If it was a hack of the password, the hacker could have just targeted comments but not been malicious enough to delete all the videos...

    I looked for an option to delete all comments on my own account, and don't see one (unless there is some trick to it like changing video sharing options and changing them back or something).

    Do you know whether the comments disappeared all at once for each video, or did they disappear in batches? This might give an indication of the method used.

  5. On the bright side: At least the view counts are not affected. The comment counts seem to matter the most the first several days after a video has been posted.

  6. qthec, it happened fast, and when they were being deleted, they went fast. The Opportunity Crisis video's comments went in a hurry, all 1,900. I was checking in on the videos all day. One time I checked they were there, an hour or two later, zero comments.

    janejane, that's true. But, if this isn't corrected, someone can do it like 5 hours after the next video is posted. It would affect us then.


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