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Friday, November 9, 2007

Should Gemma come back to Lonelygirl15?

Poll from ACO on Bebo:



  1. Gemma couldn't, even if the creators wanted her to. They can't explain it without Brother.

    Your best bet is to keep watching Redearth, if you want Gemma back.

  2. They can't bring her back with an explanation. She just has to show up out of the blue. A video without a plot hole is like taking a shower without any soap. You just feel wet not clean.

  3. Maybe Gemma has secretly been living with Sonia while Carl turns out to be Brother? Not mad enough? Darn.

  4. i want gemma to come back and simply say, sorry i've been away so long, i got mixed in with the wrong crowd.

    and she must be a wearing a bikini.


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