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Friday, November 9, 2007

Subservient Lee - Gavin (KateModern)

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Cheers for posting commands for Subservient Lee on my blog. I made him do some of them yesterday! I could make some money out of this...subservientlee.com?


  1. Poor Lee. :-( However, this is MUCH MORE ENTERTAINING than listening to Sarah bitch and build birdhouses...

  2. this is annoying... I really am starting to dislike the characters Tariq and Gavin. They abuse Lee far too much and it's painful to watch. Their treatment of him makes me sick. I don't know if that was the intent.

  3. I agree with anonymous about the poor treatment of Lee. Lee's gonna go postal on our favorite guys!

    PS: Gav, you look hot again! ::SMOOCHIES:: I'd date you now.


  4. Agreed, Gav and Tariq are going rather over the line with their treatment of Lee. Where is this leading?

  5. I want to see the look on Gavin's face when Lee hooks up with Charlie.

  6. Noone would take that kind of abuse. This new company of theirs is not established enought to be used as an educational co-op. For them to be forcing Lee to do this kind of nonesense than they really need to just stop calling him an intern, and start paying him to be their jester.

    Poor kid....

  7. I normally love KM, but all of these videos humiliating Lee just make me feel like they've run out of plot ideas and have decided to appeal to the least common denominator with cruel, slap-stick treatment of a throw away character.

    Lee and Gav doing the Macarana is entertaining. Tariq and Gavin, who were originally decent guys, torturing some guy who VOLUNTEERED to help them in order to gain some real work experience... that's just repulsive.

  8. looks alot like my work expierence placment haha

  9. I reckon Lee is a plant there to steal their idea...the worm will turn!


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