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Friday, November 2, 2007



Verdus is a leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to making healthier people on a healthier planet. We began this simple mission back in 1984 when Thomas Verdus returned from a year long trek around the globe. It was as clear to Thomas then, as it is to our company today, the way to make healthier people is to find the many ways we can all live longer and stronger. How do we accomplish this task? From day one Verdus has been leading the way to this new frontier. Where is this new frontier? Look in the mirror. The new frontier begins with you. This new frontier can be found in each and every one of us. You are our partner along this path to living longer and stronger. Although our researchers are exploring and discovering unprecedented treatments and cures everyday, the path to living stronger and longer starts with each of us taking the first few steps. Good nutrition, robust exercise, and a clean environment will help all of us make those first few steps toward this new frontier. Verdus is very committed to making our medicines and supplements available to the entire world community. We do this by partnering with local clinics and community groups. And our commitment does not stop there. We feel it is our responsibility, as health care practioners, to educate, enrich, and enhance the lives of all the people we touch. Together, we can all make this planet a healthier and happier place.

San Francisco, CA, October. 19, 2007 - Verdus today announced that their esteemed life extension researcher, Dr. Calvin Hart, will be hosting a panel this evening at the "This Life" medical conference being held in Pasadena. Dr. Hart is currently involved with Verdus' "Live Longer and Stronger" research group based in Los Angeles. A graduate of Columbia University and Cornell, Dr. Hart has been a part of the Verdus global clinical research team for the last twenty-two years. Dr. Hart's work encourages the use of nature based nutraceuticals, restorative hormones, and cutting edge pharmaceuticals created by Verdus.

Verdus Pharmaceuticals on LGPedia.

Verdus Pharmaceuticals is a company that recently announced a partnership with the Wyman Foundation and the Hymn of One via a press conference. In Connections, Jonas reveals the correct spelling is Verdus Pharmaceuticals.

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  1. No women at all? I find that suspicious. As a female chemist, I've worked at several pharmaceutical companies, including now. It's about 50/50 these days.

    Especially for a company so focused on pre-natal care...

  2. Guys...I think there might be a point to this. If we were shown this web site, with logins...we might have to actually log-in...

    jsut a thought

  3. Yeah, but how do we know the passwords?


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