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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST.
Glenn feels like he is trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning. He has three things in the works.
Big surprise. Two new music mashups on tonights show.
Off camera cameos: expect instructions in the next few days. Runs on PC, MAC, or Linux. You will be able to use any USB controller or the keyboard and it uses free open source software. The final even will be a guitar battle against Glenn.

As far as guitar hero is concerned Glenn was able to confirm that Rock Band is far superior to Guitar Hero 3. Glenn got the special edition with the drumset. On the song "Cherry Bomb" you might just see a score from Glenn. (top score on base at the time). Anyone want to jam online with XBox????
December: steady stream of videos coming. The mind blowing "Aly Zarin video" revelation is being "crafted". The talent is sworn to secrecy. It will be "unleashed" soon.

Part of the delay was Thanksgiving but also the YouTube hacker incident. Glenn thanks Miles and Greg for helping to look into it. They were heroes to the community. Glenn and Jeromy had to stay logged out of their accounts to demonstrate to YouTube that it was not phishing. The comments are now all back.

Creators have commented from time to time on how difficult it is to put out Lonelygirl15. On Anchor Cove some people have said that 'being a challenge' is not really a valid excuse. On RedEarth88 they have tried to stay away from talking about production problems. The new team members will help but they could still you some programming help. The real challenge is dealing with all the other things that crop up. Its hard to both navigate the ship and also be the engine that drives it forward.

The time in Sept/Oct was working on the back end proprietary technology.
Hopefulsemblance asked: do they have a plan if one of them gets hit with a truck?
Glenn had a screen play with a secret agent infiltrating a secret society. When he started talking to Jeromy they really developed a very strong story. They have a 5 year plan. The also have a 1 month plan and a 3 month plan each with a complete story. This idea will continue with 6 month, 1 year etc if you keep watching. Glenn loves the mythology of a good film series. A good mythology just kind of happens. There are some new characters that will emerge. It also taps into some really great urban myths. One aspect of how they are telling the story is to modernise a genre in terms of the vlog format.
Glenn thinks his father originally wanted to be a stand up comedian. However in response to a question from Deagol Glenn said that RedEarth88 is not a Jewish comedy.
If someone wanted to do a show on say the Sci Fi channel, Glenn and Jeromy would be open to the idea provided they could retain creative control.
There are a lot of hints we still have not picked up on. Massive story stuff! Major hints. Why RedEarth88? Glenn said :You dont all read wikipedia much do you?" You will assume some things that will be wrong but they might pay off down the line.

Red Earth on Wikipedia.

Glenn enjoys research on Wikipedia. For example: Heist movies: You cannot tell original stories that are based on heists that took place in previous movies. The "big con" needs to be totally original. For example in the BBC show Hustle they point out when something has been done previously. If you have a character thats doing a scam its cool but its hard to come up with something that has not been used before and therefore people would not know about the con.

Glenn enjoys figuring out what has been done in the past and what would work today. You have to have a sense of what has come before and what is believable.
12:36 glennfm: "Cowboy is happening, probably in early January is the date to have it done and ready to broadcast"
Loveline: Glenn listens to mp3s of old shows from 2000-2005. 240 shows/year were produced. Glenn has listened to approximately 75hrs 600 min of Loveline.
Dreams: Greg Behrendt - Stories Are A Gift. Rachel talks about dreams. Glenn found Greg Behrendt's book (She Is Just Not That Into You) very "real". He gave it to many of his female friends. It is brutally honest. Like all true comedy there is a touch of truth in it. The book is being made into a movie.
Glenn's office is a mess since he no longer has his assistant. He has lots of hard drives and a Mac mini running Windows XP (primary computer), It is almost silent. Dell Dimension 9150 (design station). Two laptops (Dell). Also some old Dells that have been gutted for parts. Mini fridge in the back. He likes to have a silent workplace but lots of these things "hummm"

http://www.Fatwallet.com has awesome discussions for bargains and deals.
http://www.Techbargains.com is also awesome.
Tease: Glenn wants our opinion. Bonus material could be released through RedEarth88. Out takes? Audition tape for Sara Fletcher . He is going to try and have Sara. Fletcher. as a guest. He had 200 replies from actresses. As he was getting ready to make the calls to the top 5, Sara had applied. When he looked at her resume he liked that there links to things he could check out (eg Project V).. When he talked to her on the phone she knew about Lonelygirl15 and was involved in the online video scene. Her audition tape was awesome. He cannot imagine anyone else in the role. She is Rachel.

When he posted the casting role he putting Julia Styles/Natalie Portman/Christina Richie etc to convey what he wanted. He wanted to add Lea Thompson etc in the list but did not thing people in the age group would get it.

The Red Army is the backbone of support. If we can keep getting the numbers Glenn promises special stuff to show his thanks for everything the army has done for Glenn and Jeromy.

"Hamster Project": spin off from OpAphid. What if a secret society hired a publicist to improve their image?

There is some alternate story stuff that never went up. A Linc video and a Rachel video. There was a story change and they were never used. They did not have the "wow" factor. Glenn would rather not post a video than post a bad one. When Glenn saw the Rachel video he felt it would take the character in a "downer" direction and could overwhelm the plot for some time to come. We ended up in the same place but by a different path.

Glenn will tell the full story of what went down in March later. He could have put something out there to keep people busy. He was really disappointed with a couple of things that had happened. He was working on the "Lonelygirl15 time line". He had spent a week and a half working on a big puzzle. He still had to work out how it would fit in with the story. It would have felt forced if he had just put it out at the time. You dont put out filler videos.

Gemma 1-4 was supposed to be one video but it was broken down into parts.

He did not have much to do with the Nancy Drew puzzle. Mesh and Miles had a hand in it. It did not feel like a puzzle that Glenn would have done but he wanted to be a team player. On the heels of that he wanted to put out something really good.

A puzzle buys you 3 -5 days after the puzzle is solved. So, discontent will always return.

Now, Glenn is trying not to be phased by things.

There are 2 narratives within RedEarth88. Only one contains ARG elements and it has much greater depth. There is so much to do in "this community" that fortunately people tend not to get bored. Everyone contributes to it.
On making mashups:
"02:03 glennfm and I found an awesome program called "Mixed in Key" that will analyze your songs and tell you what key they are in, plus the BPM.. then it also has a wheel display of keys and shows you what is compatible
02:03 deagol thanks for the info glenn
02:03 glennfm and with any audio software, you can move the song up or down keys as needed
02:04 glennfm just recently I found out that Cool Edit Pro will display the beat markers instead of the minutes and seconds, and I can set it to "snap to" beats...
02:04 glennfm so when the song is adjusted to the same BPM, lining it up is MUCH easier'

Check out the Danielbeast's "MMYB Request" (Gutter Grillz) video again or if your looking for a tiny hint remember to stalk up on "yuzmit".

Digg the MMYB Grillz Mashup Video

Send questions to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
02:09:25 Green Day - American Jesus Current Song
02:08:57 Mash-Ups - Boulevard of Broken Songs
01:56:02 Freelance Hellraiser - A Stroke Of Genie-Us (Quality Version) Current Song
01:53:39 dj n-wee (Jay-Z vs. Pavement) - Two States' Public Service Announcements
01:50:42 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
01:47:28 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)-fin
00:52:17 Headboard - (We Are) The Same
00:49:20 Greg Behrendt - Stories Are A Gift
00:45:07 Mates of State - Proofs
00:42:14 Loveline - Female Ejaculation in Porn
00:40:11 MC Pee Pants - I Want Candy
00:36:46 David Bowie - Suffragette City
00:32:07 Rush - Tom Sawyer
00:28:12 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
00:24:11 Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
00:21:21 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
00:06:47 The Police - Next to You Current Song
00:03:53 Spy - Leave Me Alone
23:59:14 Vagiant - Seven
23:56:17 Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
23:53:00 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)
23:50:12 Glenn Rubenstein - 46 Mash-Up of Doom
23:13:11 Glenn @ BreeFM Intro
23:09:11 Fischerspooner - Never Win
23:05:48 Barenaked Ladies - McDonalds Girl
23:02:41 Cansei De Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex


  1. Modelmotion, thanks for posting all of this. It's awesome to have a record of this.

  2. philosiphers stone huh?
    Glenn's not a FMA fan is he?

  3. I gotta say I disagree on the idea that "filler" should never be posted. I liked alot of the so-called "filler" videos in season 1, it really allowed us to get attached to the characters.

  4. "Creators have commented from time to time on how difficult it is to put out Lonelygirl15. On Anchor Cove some people have said that 'being a challenge' is not really a valid excuse."

    yeah, a lot of people who post on anchor cove have said such things. the show needs to succeed on its own to sustain an audience, only a very few people (like the C's parents) are that forgiving if the quality does not keep up.


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