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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

xxKissKissxx - Mallory (LG15)

Sorry I'm posting this so late, I just got back from dinner. Miss you! - Mallory


  1. The good director certainly wants Mallory.

  2. Watch me show off my insider movie making knowledge: wait for it..."tailsticks!"

  3. they're doin' it.

  4. daniel has all the luck. first jonas slept with bree. now mallory with delmundo. next sarah is probably gonna sleep with the verdus pharma rep dude, and aunt alex will come back just to sleep with spencer (all off camera).

  5. I like to be entertained, not hit over the head when I watch these videos.

    One thing the creators really need to work on is being more subtle. Instead they bash us over the head with stuff.

    So when Mallory and Daniel break up because of Del Mundo, will any of us be surprised? No. So then every video with her between now and the eventual break up become tedious to watch and filler.

    Plus in the whole, let's try to keep this grounded in reality... She misses Daniel so much that instead of a phone call to him in private, she posts this to his dead friend's YouTube account? Yeah that's love.

  6. And it's so believable! Everyone I know would totally post a video that blatantly showcases their affair with their teacher to the internet as a "Hi! I miss you!" message to their boyfriend or girlfriend. Oh wait...no they wouldn't.

  7. just like how the fucking pharmadude was like "i dont know why i brought a camera and set it up so that it got a perfectly framed shot of me and my boss at the copy machine, call it intuition."

    they need to work on a lot of things.

  8. There are a lot of problems with the way LG15 is written and filmed, you'll get no arguments from me there.

    But this video made me giggle. ;P

    Yeah, yeah, I agree with most of what was already said, but that was priceless.

    I've said all along that Mallory would be just another discarded crumb on the LonelyBrokenHearts path of Daniel's heart.

    I just had no clue it would be so blatantly obvious and contrite.


    Del Mundo ... is not gay. If he is, then he's bi-curious, at best. He is totally into Mallory, and she's attracted to him right back, even if it is just a professional awe rather than a gaping stupified one.

    Poor, poor Daniel. When will he learn?

    I'd love to be the soothing balm for The Beast's broken heart.

    Seriously, DB, I'd never hurt you like all these other girls have. ;) Call me.


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