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Sunday, December 16, 2007

quarterlife - part 12

quarterlife - part 12

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"Compromise" - Danny and Debra break up. Brittany responds to Dylan in a surprising way. Jed and Lisa both upload reels on to quarterlife.com


  1. When are they going to put this on TV? I'm curious about how the transition will work.

  2. this is me wishing that all of the series would be like this...and less of the crap that lg15 and km put out.

  3. I think they are different genres. LG15 and KM are suppose to be vlogs. This is more of a traditional TV show--the narrative is told in a more traditional way.

  4. Joe, I saw something in one of the articles (sorry I forget where at the moment - might have been on the Quarterlife site), that said this story was written in "chapters" (each of which is a story arch) and then broken up into the short clips for the web. For TV, they are just going to replay these episodes back-to-back as single longer shows.

    So it sounds like it will continue to appear on the web first, and the TV show will just be a replay.

  5. Ah, here it is, in the article modelmotion posted here called "Media Matters" http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2007/12/media-matters.html

    from the article that links to:
    "I have been doing this full-time for almost a year and a half," says Herskovitz ... "What we are doing is six hourlong stories that we are breaking up into little pieces. Each part is eight minutes long, but they are conceived as hourlong episodes, because I don't know how to tell an emotional story in eight minutes."

    ... advertisers such as Pepsi and Toyota have come on board. Now NBC has picked up the series for its television network -- it will premiere midseason after it concludes its Internet run."
    end of quotation

    So from that, I'm not sure whether it is a replay or a continuation.

    It would seem foolish for them to abandon MySpace and Quarterlife, but the TV advertising dollars might make that their choice.


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