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Monday, December 31, 2007

RedEarth Smashes 150,000

With a current view count of 153,948, Rachel's latest video ( 2 Girls 1 Dwelling) has recently smashed through the 150K barrier.

Congratulations Rachel!


  1. That's because Rachel is awesome.

  2. Looks like Zarbod is going to have some competition for her heart. Or, did he give up?

  3. The video title (perhaps), the image of Rachel's face in the thumbnail, and the efforts of the 'Red Army' of commenters to push the video onto the honors list have resulted in a large number of views on the last three videos. This is all good.

    However, the redearth channel still has under 2000 subscribers and the redearth88 just a few over 300.

    I think boosting subscriber count significantly is going to require some more excitement - I hope the Tachyon videos will provide that. And maybe some alternative promotional approaches would help, such as featuring the videos on appropriate blogs, sites, or forums.

    Most importantly, I think the story needs to pick up, and video production needs to be much more frequent and regular.


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