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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LG15 Auction...


This auction is for two 4" x 6" postcards that were printed for the Lonelygirl15 (lg15.com) "Fight the Order!" Campaign by Eqal, Inc., the creators of the Lonelygirl series.

One of the postcards is blank, the other is autographed by the following cast members:

Yousef Abu-Taleb - Daniel
Jackson Davis - Jonas
Giles Alderson - Steve (from Kate Modern)
Melanie Merkosky - Jennie
Crystal Young - Gina
Alli Danziger - Nikki B. (a rare guest appearance!)


  1. The seller would like this item to go to a true LG15 fan.

  2. I wonder if i should do like i did with the katemodern gnome auction..

  3. If it was an official auction e.g by amanda, ild bid. Surely if they was a fan they wouldnt sell it? Unless they need the cash i guess.
    I wonder if amanda is ok with someone selling it?

  4. Maybe Amanda can also verify if this is authentic. I personally don't remember the cast signing anything (this would have been during the crossover, which is right when I started PAing for LG) but I could have missed it.

    Just want to be safe, ya know? Would hate for a fan to get taken advantage of.

  5. I can assure you guys it's authentic. Greg had them sign it for me. Jenni, you were there and I met with you and another young lady, too during the filming. I came late and sat in the back off camera. You coordinated the printing of the postcards with me via email. My first name begins with an M. Hope that helps. I will sent you an email to remind you.

    Also, I am selling this because of an illness in the family is requiring us to move next month and we need to raise as much cash as we can. I didn't want to let this go, but between needing cash and having to downsize, I'm making a lot of hard decisions.


  6. Just an FYI: I ended the auction early and want to apologize to those who did bid. I want to make sure Amanda knows about it before I do this. I don't want anyone to think this could be a fake or something. I'll let you know when I list it again.


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