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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

4 Girls, 2 Guys - Daniel (LG15)

Too many girls. - Daniel


  1. That little break must have given the visionary genius behind titles like 'Girl Tied Up' and 'Can't Sleep...With Me' too much time to rest!

    Way to miss out on the obvious '2 Girls For Every Guy' title!

    Other missed opportunities:

    'Swimming...in bitches!'
    'Threesome x 2?'
    '8 Boobs, 2 Dorks'

  2. Congratulations Creators! You somehow held out and waited a whole 3 videos before bringing out the T&A, I'm impressed.

    Even though the last two videos will likely get barely 50k views despite being so anticipated. When this triples their combined viewership and you thank us the LG15 fans for making it so successful, remember to also thank your real target audience who actually are the cause.

    Quality videos with great acting wins out in the end. Stop trying to inflate your views by these stunts that don't bring in fans who will be in it for the long haul.

  3. seriously people who cares what the thumbnail is or what the title of the video is. the creators need views to keep this going. if the commentors on lg15.com just moved over to you tube, they would get the attentin they need without having to resort to selling sex, but since everyone is too stubborn to do that, this is what happens.

  4. I don't think the picture used for this video is half as bad as the others.

    And honestly, as long as it isn't as bad as "Girl Tied Up", I'm fine with it.
    More views = more $$ = better show


  5. Yeah, I thought this was actually pretty appropriate. Keep in mind that the thumbnail trick has been used long before 'selling sex' was important. It just makes the video look more professional if the screencap is nice.

    The title isn't bad, either; it actually reflects the video quite well. You see all these different people living together, and none of them really like eachother.

    Good job, Creators. :)

  6. visionary genius would have had a random line in there about there only being "1 cup" left in the pantry that was unwashed.

    then the title would have been "4 girls, 2 guys, 1 cup."

  7. Actually as the Creators have had more money the show has gotten worse, and worse, and worse.

  8. I personally like where the show is going lately.
    I think the acting has been good, the plot has been interesting, etc.

    As far as the title/screenshots go... I really think people are just over reacting, and looking for things to complain about.

    How about this :
    If you don't like the show, and you don't like the tactics the Creators use, don't watch it.
    It's not a difficult concept to grasp.

  9. Sorry, but if the show is good enough, it shouldn't need to resort to such cheap tactics. And it's insulting to long-time fans.

    And by the way, I did stop watching the show, after following it for over a year.

  10. I liked the look on Gina's face near the beginning when Jennie was yelling through the door at Jonas.

  11. Both this video and the Jonas video mention LG15.com

  12. "How about this :
    If you don't like the show, and you don't like the tactics the Creators use, don't watch it.
    It's not a difficult concept to grasp."

    I agree! I like the show so far this season and will not make quick judgments because of a screen cap.

  13. The only video/thumbnail combo I ever objected to was 'Girl Tied Up'

    What are the creators gonna do, hire ugly actors? It's not the 4 girls' faults they're attractive.

    Beyond that, I thought this was a really good video.

  14. Once again we're subjected to many anonymous opinions complaining about "suggestive titles" and the fact that a girl with ample breast size is the thumbnail.
    Which is all fine and good.

    HOWEVER, the latest Kate Modern video has a man covered only by a hand towel (and barely). And the anonymous complaints are nowhere to be seen.

    The word "double-standard" comes to mind.

  15. When is Gina going to speak, more than two words?

  16. I, for one, LOVE looking at Lexi and if any of you EVER take that away from me so help me I'll.....jk

  17. You'll find someone new to spank the monkey over anon? :P

    I also liked the episode, it seemed sort of natural. I think series may try differen't things.

    And why are people suddenly seeing everything as a "sex sells" from the video title to the thumbnail. You don't need to prove the us men think about sex every 60 seconds.


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