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Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Night's Game! DJ Sheetz Mashup Solved!

For those of you who have been listening and playing the games on my show, Thanks! As a special thank you this monday night will be a puzzle! I've worked long and hard on this to show my appreciation for my listeners and to give a shout out to a few. Come and play and enjoy some fun music and chat! Monday night 9pm with DjSheetz!

Puzzle Solved!

Sheetzjunkie made a 26 song Music Mashup puzzle for her show
The songtitles in the mashup are :

umbrella - home - take a look at my girlfrind - this is why I'm hot - crank dat - give it to me - glamorous - what goes around comes around - irreplaceable - buy you a drink - before he cheats - fergalicious - makes me wonder - sweet escape - hey there delilah - say it right - the way I are - big girls don't cry - girlfriend - don't matter - I wanna love you - walk it out - party like a rockstar - smack that - it's not over - how to save a life

when you take the first letter of each song you get : uhttcggwibbfmshstbgdiwpsih

Which leads to :

AKA The coolest Lonelyjew shoutout ever! Thank you DJ Sheetz for the awesome mashup!


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