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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bree's Mom

Bree first divulged detailed information as to the identity and character of her mother in How My Parents Met. In this episode, Bree explained how at the age of 21, the woman later known as Elizabeth Avery lived and studied in Edinburgh, Scotland. At that time, Bree's mother was working on a dissertation on Weyer Johann Weyer, a Dutch physician, occultist, and demonologist. This bit of information alludes to Bree's religion, which is host to a plethora of speculation that revolves mostly around Aleister Crowley, and Thelema.
Elizabeth has historically taken the offensive when arguing or debating with Bree's father as evidenced by their interaction when they first met at a showing of the play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. When she overheard Bree's father debating with a friend of his that the theme of the play is Determinism, she felt compelled to walk over to a man whom she had never met, and tell him he was completely wrong--that the theme of the play was Free will, a basic concept of many Thelemic sects. According to Bree's accounts, Bree's father was instantly "smitten like a kitten". In Living In London, Gemma describes how her mother met Bree's. In this story too, Elizabeth was debating and impressed Gemma's mother with her confidence.
Although both of Bree's parents are strict, her mother appears to be the stricter one. She reprimands Bree for crying because it projects weakness (Purple Monkey Returns), and disapproves of her watching mystery movies, even if accompanied by her father (see Mystery Movies).
In On The Run, Bree's mother appears briefly as a slim woman with dark brown hair. We do not see her face, but she appears to be quite young. Bree has had no contact with her since then. However, she did have the opportunity to briefly meet with her father on December 31st (The Unthinkable Happened), and she learned that they were not her biological parents (My Dad Said...). She does not expect to speak to her mother "anytime soon", but does not explain why. Perhaps her mother is dead, but even more likely, her mother might have been acting against Bree's best interests, thus rendering any further contact undesirable. Her father explains that Bree's mom had a higher position in the Order and therefore knew more than he did about their workings (Hiding In The Bathroom).
In FOLLOW YOUR HAPPINESS, Bree and Carl reveal that Elizabeth is still alive and working with the Hymn of One.
In Babe in the Woods it was revealed that Gina had, at one point in time, met Bree's mother.
And while the identity of Elizabeth Avery was a mystery for nearly two years, Gina finally revealed her name in Drawing in Bed.

Allison Probert

Allison is the actress who plays Bree's mom, as revealed by the Creators in a February 12th, 2007 update to the credits for On The Run. She is the 19-year-old cousin of Amanda Goodfried. Allison is currently studying Esthetics at the Marinello School Of Beauty.

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  1. The actress playing Bree's mum (or 'mom', for the North Americans out there) is 19 years old? Seriously?! o_O

  2. I forget, when did we find out her name was Elizabeth?

  3. Back in March 2007, Nikki B. named Bree's Mom "Olivia Avery" in

    School's In Session! - NBR Investigates

    (about 5:00)

  4. They named her in Drawing in Bed, I think...maybe..

  5. i would doubt that allison is going to be bree's mom when we next see her.

  6. Actually yeah Bree did see her mom again. In one of the videos with Carl before the Ceremony Carl mentioned to her how Bree had been reunited with her mom and asked what that was like and Bree went on about how strong and wonderful her mom was.

  7. My first thought at seeing the picture was Bree looks nothing like her. Then I remembered that she isn't Bree's biological mother. Then I remembered this isn't real. NyQuil makes my brain fuzzy.

  8. The sketch reminds me a little of Melissa Gilbert (who played Laura Ingells)...



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