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Thursday, March 6, 2008

LGPedia:Lucy's Balcony/Fanfic revamp

Since a large part of the previous discussion participants seems to agree with Zoey's listing, and this project has been going on for two months now, I guess it's time to set a schedule for the next phase(s)
Unless there are no major further objections, I'll create a preliminary final listing on February 29th. This, if not objected to, will be the master reference list for tier listings.
If there are no major further objections to the preliminary final listing until March 2nd, then discussion will be be ceased, and we'll commence the Revamp.
The Revamp will proceed as follows

Phase 1: Make a link-list of all Tier 1 fanfic, something along the lines of "List of additional user-generated content"; tag all Tier 1 and related pages for deletion.
Phase 2: Find and tag Tier 2-related pages such as lists of videos, categories, templates video pages and so on. Write up basic pages for each series.
Phase 3: Find and tag Tier 3-related pages such as lists of videos, categories, templates video pages and so on. Collapse information into the series pages where possible, write up extended pages for each series.
Phase 4: Identify the current set of pages Tier 4 pages have, and check with the page-list which ones are needed, and which aren't. Tag/expand as necessary.
Phase 5: Identify the current set of pages Tier 5 pages have, and check with the page-list which ones are needed. Expand as necessary.
Phase 6: Find and correct references to UGC content.
Phase 7: Declare Revamp over.
Phase 8: Monitor UGC/fanfic expansion, re-evaluate tier status where necessary, assess new UGC/fanfic, keep fanfic-list up to date, control Immo Regulations.

NOTE: This schedule will be delayed until further notice, as Zoey doesn't want us to do anything until she's back online. (Added by Shiori)

LGPedia:Lucy's Balcony/Fanfic revamp on LGPedia.

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  1. Has a final decision been made? After reading all this i don't actually see a clear meeting of the minds as to how the plan will be implemented. However if a final decision has been made it should be announced. Personally I think the final decision should be a set of voluntary guidelines rather than "regulations". It should be up to the users to decide how they are implemented, but it would give the admins a blueprint to "nudge" users in a helpful direction. It would also give the admins the freedom to move things around where there are no clear objections which I think would be the majority of situations.

  2. I do not see why there is any need for special time lines because LGPedia already uses a system for tagging pages that are going to be modified. The same system will work fine here without specific regulations. That said, LGPedia admins need to apply the tags in a way that gives users adequate time to respond in the talk page, but I believe that is how they currently operate.

  3. I personally think the plan is a great idea. The main idea, at least to me, is to keep things organized and prepare for future ARG and UGC. As it is catching up on old videos is a nightmare using lgpedia. Stuff is often disorganized and there are many un-needed pages.

    I think the next project should be deleting or using images that aren't being used.

  4. I completely agree, keri; the unused images bug the hell out of me, too.

    Of course, that will be an even more expansive task, because the way the Pedia is being (and intended to be) run is as both a Wiki and a MediaWiki. So we basically have to go through and see which images are being used, determine which can be replaced, and then see which ones aren't being used, and what their rationales for being kept are.

    It's HUGE job. :(

  5. The plan is not bad. I am just saying it should be voluntary guidelines rather than regulations.

    I do not believe that would prevent the admins from doing what they need to do, but it would protect the interests of users and it fits more with the spirit of an entertainment wiki.


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