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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


--> Download the audio.

If that link does not work for you, try grabbing a copy here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/yr030u (limited availability to 7 days I think). The file is called lg15_nowlive_chat_4march08.mp3 and is 5MB.

At 6:00 pm PST today there was an in-character Lonelygirl15 broadcast on www.NowLive.comwe heard Daniel, Jonas, Sarah, Jennie, and Gina discuss their next move.

----> Join the Lonelygirl15 RADIO CHAT.

Following this video [She's Ready], there was a live in-character chat regarding what Gina should do. Audio can be found here.

Callers in chat were angelprincess808, angelgirlrider19, theaterjunkie, and midgetdance.

The chat ended with Sarah storming off, angry that Gina meeting up with Bree's mom was even being considered. Jonas changed his mind mid-chat and decided to support Gina in her quest. Daniel got upset that Gina could meet the same fate as Bree and decided to not help her.

The chat divided the TAAG into two factions: Gina, Jonas, and Jennie (who will search for Bree's mom, and answers); Daniel and Sarah.

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What did you thing about the chat? Leave your opinion in a comment below.


  1. Best Moment: Just before the 16th minute, when Daniel is listing all the bad stuff that's happened in the last year, Sarah exclaims "I JOINED A CULT!"

    That made me laugh hysterically.

  2. This was an awesome event!! I LOVED it!!! I can't wait for the next one.

  3. rub it in why dont ya

  4. I wonder why they chose Nowlive Over BreeFM. I understand they needed a show where they could call people but it seemns that using BreeFM and Skype (Or even a speakerphone) would have been less problematic.

  5. Yes n00bLive sucked. Nothing wrong with how it was handled or anything. It's just the NowLive servers are so unreliable. I, along with a few of my IRC compatriots, got 1-2 dropped connections from the stream. I also got a weird Darth Vader voice at times from the cast. I'm sure it wasn't the crew working over there... it's just that sort of thing happens on NowLive... HAMmy's and Roy's shows anyone?
    I also tried to call in, from both my cell phone and LAN line and couldn't get through/it kept dropping. I believe the other chosen callers were as well. There was just soooo much activity there.
    Not the C's fault, not Jenni Powell's fault, or anyone other than NowLive's server.
    From what I DID hear and see though... the event was pretty bad ass... I'm impressed. Kudos to everyone involved.

    Oh yeah... even if the event was done over at BreeFM... there were about 2 mega-big netsplits while the event went on. I think the 436 has gotten sentient... and it is ANGRY!!! It's trying to swallow any and all things lg15-related.

  6. Jenni is working for the order. She's trying to get Gina to leave, just like Emma ..... suspicious????

  7. LoL
    I guess the Jenni-Order Doctor really wasn't Jenni Powell...
    But then again... Jonas IS a moron.

    But I guess the question remains... in the Breeniverse did Jenni date Greg... and if she did... then why would Jonas trust the ex-girlfriend of a Shadow/Watcher/Thug (whatever the hell that is)... hmmmm...

  8. While I like Jennie.... why does she insist on speaking for Gina? Gina can speak for herself. The audio was awful in the middle... lol.

    "You can all just fuckin' die".. how emo of sarah.

    This was amazing... I wish I listened to this live.

  9. Yeh..... it wasn't actually NowLive's fault.
    There was a problem with the audio at their site, not NowLive.

    Anyway, my big question is it was all "in character"... why were they are the house that they left like... a month ago?

  10. "why would Jonas trust the ex-girlfriend of a Shadow/Watcher/Thug (whatever the hell that is)... hmmmm..."

    Ex-girlfriend? When did that happen?

    Did I miss something?


  11. poor quality... honestly.

    I dunno

  12. I listened in for brief period and was SOOO frustrated with the audio and getting dropped that I send a REAELLY pissed off email to nowlive about it saying that they under estimate the power of lonelygirl15 EVERYTIME they had something with them and this ALWAY happened.
    And then I gave the computer the finger.
    And then a cursed the creators for not using the resources that the fans have set up for them ... again.
    And then I gave the computer the finger again.
    and then i went to bed.

  13. Thanks for posting the audio. I hope DB sticks with Jonas.

  14. I cant check out the audio casue nowlive is stilllll down for us =((((

  15. "Ex-girlfriend? When did that happen?

    Did I miss something?


    I was under the impression that Breeniverse-Jenni would have broken up with Breeniverse-Greg for betraying TAAG.

    Multiverse talk FTW!

  16. Youwish, I know what you're feeling! Stupid nowlive, I wanna listen to it!! :(

  17. I want a transcript of this...I can't listen to it at work. Was it terribly exciting? Sounds interesting (despite technical issues).

    Cassi (who posts frequently as anonymous because she has no account)

  18. transcript please someone? I still can't get this to work . . .


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