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Monday, March 3, 2008

Lonelygirl15 RADIO

Join the Lonelygirl15 radio chat now.


Amanda Says:
March 3rd, 2008 at 1:01 pm
Chat details: There will be a link here (a widget) on the homepage that takes you to nowlive.com for the chat. Here’s the lonelygirl15 profile on nowlive: http://www.nowlive.com/desktop/default.aspx?id=100274635

The chat will not be open to anyone calling in. That would tie up our phone lines!! Can you imagine how many people would call in?! InsideLG15 has been asking for your opinion and guidance for the past few days. Give your opinion and maybe the characters will call YOU!


  1. only 6 hours to go ?

  2. i don't get it...
    while it's entertaining and WOW its a new format...why the hell would people ON THE RUN stop for a couple of hours at a radio station and broadcast a traceable feed.

    It boggles lgworld logic and real world logic to me. Can some one please explain this logic to me? Because i'm dumbfounded.

  3. So it's interactivity controlled by "Big Brother". Gizzzzz????

    I thought the internet was supposed to free us.

    Either you are interactive or you are not.

  4. free as in $$$ or free as freedom free....

    wait jsut reread that ... it means freedom.

  5. They're trying to do something new and interesting. Stop f*cking complaining about everything they do.

  6. For the first time in my life, I'm going to have to agree with an anonymous post.
    After the Jonas chat everyone ranted that it should have been done on NowLive... now that it's done on NowLive, people still complain...
    And yeah the calls are most likely going to be screened and scripted... but you do realize that if they took every call from everyone on NowLive... about 20% of those phone calls would be pranks... and then people would have bitched about how this was unstructured.

  7. Anon, we understand what they are trying to do. The goal we all want is interactivity and that includes the Cs. Without feedback how are they ever going to know if its working or not?

  8. There are certainly ways to structure interactivity without putting it "on rails". There have been plenty of examples now of situations that have been left open but yet were well managed. It is not an impossible dream.

  9. They are technically not currently "On the Run" (heehee). They have been very clear that they are currently at the house Jonas rented for Sarah, Daniel, and himself. I do not know if that is where they are broadcasting from tomorrow evening, but that is their current location as far as I have seen.

    And I have never been under the impression that the Cs weren't open to feedback on their events. They all have e-mail addresses. I mean, I'm sure they may be a little more open to constructive criticism and not complaints with no projected solutions, but they've always seemed open to hearing from fans.

    But there will certainly never be a way to please everyone all the time. That's just human nature.

  10. "Our critics are our friends, they show us our faults." - Benjamin Franklin

  11. That's a great quote. Thanks Anonymous!

  12. wooot!! Nowlive!!!

  13. There's a massive difference between constructive criticism and sniping from the sidelines.

    I am mainly talking to modelmotion on this particular occasion.

  14. I will be delighted to write a full article with constructive criticism. Stay tuned.


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