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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mark Burnett Not Funding lonelygirl

"Conrad Riggs, a producer with Mark Burnett Productions (Survivor), did make a “small investment” in Lonelygirl15 before the series started striking brand integration deals, and LG15 studios rents office space from Riggs in Santa Monica."


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"Greg and I want to let everyone know that not only have we never received funding from MBP, we’ve also never had the pleasure of meeting Mark."

"Fortunately, we were introduced to a new media enthusiast through a friend and he helped us weather the tough times, let us squat in his office, and enabled lonelygirl15 to continue to grow. "


Deductively it would seem to follow that there is a high probability that the "media enthusiast" was Conrad Riggs. Right?


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