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Sunday, March 2, 2008


quarterlife - part 34
quarterlife - part 34 - NEW EPISODE!

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"Home Sweet Home" - Eric confronts the potential buyer of the

quarterlife - part 33
quarterlife - part 33

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"Home Sweet Home" - Vanessa's video camera continues to cause more problems. Lisa tries to negotiate her relationship with John.


  1. Why has the bad guy always gotta be middle eastern? geez.

    Otherwise, awesome episode. I love Quarterlife!! Does anyone else think "Aunt Alex" acts better in this than she did in LG15?

  2. I love it too, especially her character because it reminds me of me. Lol, I had hoped that it would have done better on NBC but you know, it's kinda great to keep it on the net and to ourselves. :)


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