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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Um...run. - masonishappy

Sorry about making this quick, but I didn't have a choice. Keep running until you're safe. Contact me if you need any help. - Mason

Who is Greg Mason?
Greg Mason has a YouTube account and started making videos shortly after the live chat following the She's Ready video. His first video was The LG15 Live Chat Report which was critically acclaimed for its quick wit and clean production style. At this point it is assumed he is a fan but that is not clear. After his second video "Um...run." there was speculation that Greg Mason might be canon.

Masonishappy on LGPedia.

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From LG15 IRC Chat:

08:04 Masonishappy hey everybody!
08:06 Masonishappy yowza my keyboard seems to want to hold down shift and ctrl and random times
08:06 Masonishappy anywayz
08:07 Masonishappy anybody know how long it usually takes LG15 to accept a video response?
08:07 Masonishappy haha, youtube OR here.
08:10 Masonishappy I made and submitted to Lg15.com a response to the Live Chat about an hour after it happened, and just wondering if it took them a couple days
08:11 Masonishappy hehehe...maybe I AM.
08:11 Masonishappy bwahahaha
08:12 Masonishappy I'm doing a horrible job of keeping the fourth wall.
08:12 Masonishappy oh crap. I havent started a bunch of speculating, have I? ;P
08:13 Masonishappy I dont suppose there's a way to like...SAVE your name in the chat room, is there?
08:14 Masonishappy learn me plz
08:14 Masonishappy wowza...you guys are like awesome.
08:15 Masonishappy is it just ./nickserv or ./msg nickserv?
08:16 Masonishappy haha got that
08:17 Masonishappy whoo whoo! thx muchly :)
08:19 Masonishappy I've got a new vid up on my youtube channel for those interested :P
08:29 Server Masonishappy has quit IRC ("Java user signed off")


  1. sooooo Mason is canon then.

    Good. I like this guy, even though I thought he was like 16 originally.

  2. thats some advice, i bet they never thought of running, there so used to fighting and not being crapbags =)

  3. wow. and to think his first video was such an insightful commentary -- the fact that it was (likely) canon makes it even more tremendous.

  4. Didn't he just make a video saying they should stop running and go on the offensive?

  5. He did, but maybe he see's that with them separated the Shadow could get them too easily? Or perhaps he was trying to convince them to do more of a guerilla attack.

    Either way, I think he's an awesome vlogger :)

    >Didn't he just make a video saying they should stop running and go on the offensive?

  6. I have mad love for this guy. <3

    I have to admit, I thought he was about 16 at first as well... works at a hospital, eh? I wonder what his job is, that he gets called in for emergencies.

  7. I like that he made fun of everyone. It's like a boy version of Sarah.

  8. point against being canon: his 2 vids are also posted on revver.


  9. non-canon student/actor?

    definitely a ham...

    I'm dubious about the suit and tie, but he's certainly entertaining.

  10. That Damn NickServ is a bitch.

  11. Is this a male NikkiB?

  12. he kinda reminds me of iris...


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