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Thursday, March 6, 2008

What Have You Done? - masonishappy

What are you guys THINKING? - Mason

Who is Greg Mason?
Greg Mason posted his first video on March 4, 2008, shortly after the live chat following the She's Ready video. His first video, The LG15 Live Chat Report, was critically acclaimed for its quick wit and clean production style. After his second video, there was speculation that Greg Mason might be canon. Following this video, Greg Mason made an appearance in the official LG15 chat and made some comments, which suggests to some that he is in fact a fan trying to interact with lonelygirl15 through a fan fiction series.
In his third vlog, "Calm Before the Storm?", Greg Mason offered help to TAAG. Both the second and third videos reference that Greg works at a hospital.
In the following video "What Have You Done?", Mason told Jonas that he agreed with the idea of going after Bree's mom, but he told Jonas it was a bad idea for TAAG to split up.
At this point it is assumed that Greg is a fan, but that is not clear.

masonishappy on LGPedia.

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  1. 4 videos in 2 days. Hmmm?

  2. I think I saw him in the picture from the San Francisco event. So he's probably just a fan.

  3. Can you point out which one you think he is on the picture.


  4. So… this masonishappy guy.. I think he is canon, also he looks like rupert van helden..

    But if he isn't canon then oh well.

  5. As far as I know, he was not at the San Francisco event and I tried to introduce myself to every person there. I'm pretty good with faces and he seems like the kind of guy I would have remembered.

    We need to hear less on his opinions of the gang and more about HIM. Not that his opinions aren't fascinating, but I'm connecting less and less with him with the fact that in four videos all I've learned is he works at a hospital.

  6. I don't care if he is canon or not at this point. The guys just entertaining. I hope if he's a fan he keeps up with this for a long time. If he's canon, sweet. Let's introduce him to Gina or Taylor. And he should also lead the gang in bring back Spencer.

    Either way, I'll keep watching Mason.

  7. I take back my earlier comment considering his recent video (Pool Party) is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    Way to go Mason! I'm liking this kid more with every video.


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