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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Computer Penetration - Daniel (LG15/KM)

We know who wants to kills us.

Computer Penetration - Daniel (LG15/KM) on LGPedia.

Edward Salinas's official website is at edwardsalinas.com.

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  1. Don't we already know all this though? I mean ... we knew taht the order had people in the government because of Jonas' dad's manuscript.

  2. Wow, no way that Edward Salinas might be monitoring these videos and maybe, just maybe, notice that they're going to the fundraiser tomorrow?

    Were this at all realistic, I mean.

  3. I hereby endorse Edward Salinas for U.S. Congress.

    It's time a change!

  4. http://www.edwardsalinas.com

    Hope they don't rush off to that fund raising thing, Salinas must be expecting them there. Just make a good plan for once, instead of rushing into things. And why does nobody finds it strange that Sarah is gone with Carl and that they didn't heard of her?

  5. Apparently they aren't worried about Sarah. Though they should be. Maybe Carl is keeping her safe....or...I don't want to think about the alternative.

    It would be funny of the candidate was kinda like "product placement" and real.


  6. That's a hilarious idea, cassi! I wanna see Hillary threaten to kill DB.

    Of course, I think for a real politician to do that even for a show might be political suicide... And they tend to cater to a slightly older crowd. But we can dream!

  7. John Edwards could do it...

    Or Fred Thompson. we already know he can sort of act.

  8. Does that mean Ron Paul is the anti-ORDER?

  9. I always knew there was something about those politicians. . .

  10. ah yes, be afraid of the hispanic on the rise to power... BE VERY AFRAID because he is evil, he wants to take over our culture and wants to control us!!

    of course, the only way he got to where he is now is through a creepy, secret cult that kills (white) girls... not because he has any merit (he is hispanic after all!)

    beware of the immigrant subject!
    secure our borders!!

    (way for the creators to fall into the whole "fear the foreigner" rhetoric... wheeee, subtext anyone?)


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