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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fight the Order - EmiB

LG15 Contest- Fight the Order


  1. oops, I double posted the video since bianca got there first ;)

    EmiB, see "How LG15Today Works" for more info ... the email address is [email protected] and is received by modelmotion.

  2. Thanks so much!

  3. oh, and nice job on the video, by the way - definitely a contender!

  4. Yeah, I also really liked the video!

  5. Thanks! I did it last night while avoiding my term paper...

  6. guys can you help me? the creators aren't answering my PM and i'm kinda freaking out cuz i made one but i'm afraid its not legit and the creators probably have to answer like a million PMs a day lol.

    Can we really use any music by any artist? She says we can use anything we want but then later she says it has to be our own. So I'm confused.

  7. Check out flashkit.com...they have alot of original music that's free for use/free if you mention their name. It's meant for computer games, but I use it all the time.


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