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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sofia's Diary Ep 25

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  1. You know, at first I thought this was like an online version of degrassi... too young for me to relate.. I've seen the criticism of the character sophie, always whining and complaining and bitching...

    But I got to thinking, especially with the past two videos... Guys, we're forgetting she's what.. 16 or 17... How the hell do you really think teenagers act? I think this is actually spot on. I think this shows a girl who's consumed with herself and her troubles and as this story is now unfolding we're going to start seeing a change- the flip... This is what happens to main characters in a plot... this is actually becoming some good writing.

    You have a main character, all of them have a flaw... the flaw is what makes us interested, what attracts us- and the character is completely unaware of the flaw. Then you have an event. Something's happened to this girl that she loaned money to for some mysterious reason. The event has to affect the character significantly. Simplisticly, she's now realizing her flaw... We're finally out of exposition and getting into the dramatic action of the plot.

    Now this is turning into something other than what I initially thought it to be, and now I'm glad I have watched up to now regularly.

    Now we're going to see hopefully, if I am correct in my analysis of this show thus far, a psychological change as the events are explored.

  2. I hope so because it is in danger of becoming repetitive and tedious.

  3. I reckon you'r right noelle...I just wish they were a little bit longer... Say 5mins!
    Not too much to ask...

  4. Is anyone else now having the perpetual loading (i.e. never loading) problem with the Sofia's Diary videos here on LG15 Today. I never had a problem before, but the last two or three have had problems. At this moment, Episode 25 is not loading, but when I scroll down to Episode 24, there it is. Could multiple embeds of the same flash player be competing for resources on the page?

    The KM videos seem to load with no problem or delay, and I can watch the Sofia's Diary on bebo. ... is there something about the embed code or about blogger?

  5. The player thread is on the top of the blog and it is also in the resources links. I think they would appreciate all the feedback we can give them.

    I have not had any problems but if you go to the page with the "Sofia's Diary" label it has a hard time loading because of the number of videos.

  6. Noelle I think you are right. Where I have a hard time is with her age. To be in Uni would that not make her 18/19? People who live at home when they go to Uni behave a little different from people in the dorms but I just have a hard time buying that she is in Uni. Or, did i get the plot wrong.....lol:)

  7. well it says on their Bebo that they're like, 17...
    so they won't be in Uni yet...


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