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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2/8 Life - Season 2 Promo

A teaser to get fans excited for the second season of 2/8 Life.


  1. Stop autoplay please...

  2. autoplay FTL!

    and this proves there is hope for Keller Modern!

  3. :)

    I switched it over to the Revver version which .....

    yes, u guessed it.......

    SUCKS LESS!!!!!!

  4. Well, you know, I figured I'd help out the site (the Independent Comedy Network) by linking to them directly. But Revver works.

    And Milo, I'm still waiting for you to pitch those Keller Modern story ideas to me. ;)

  5. check yer cove pm's jenni. i got season 1 all brailled out.


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