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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The London Affair - Episode Two


  1. Just curious to see if "The Community" enjoys this series.

  2. I vote a boisterous 'no.'

    But thank you for introducing new series to us.

  3. Mm, not really.

    But atleast I could check it out.

  4. Yea, someone posted episode 1 and that did not get good reviews.

  5. I thought this episode was better than episode 1, but for me, it's too soon to judge.

  6. I agree Q.

    As Zarbod would say.....

    ...... it just needs to SUCK LESS!!

    Join the movement!!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps ep 3 will spice it up.......BUT you rarely get a 2nd chance on the internet.

  7. Its not my cup of tea either, but thanks for posting, mm.

  8. It's terrible. I didn't think it could get MORE terrible after the first episode, haha.

  9. We definitely seem to need those SUCK LESS buttons from Zarbod.

  10. bad acting... me no liking it

  11. Someone should ut an internet ban on series being allowed in london and on bebo.

  12. I take it you are all 12 years old. This show is obviously meant for people like me in my mid to late twenties. I live in London and think its a pretty cool rom-com. Kinda like 'This Life' and 'Love actually' mixed together. I hope it continues.


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