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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Family Phillips - Lee (KM)

Lee said...

I've had a visitor from Liverpool...


  1. OOG: Was that... was the actor who plays Lee playing both Lee and Antony, or am I losing it? If it was, I applaud that performance. Awesomeness.

    If not, just ignore me. I'm obviously crazy.

    *hums to herself*

  2. Southern Fairy.

    and yes if that is the same actor, its pretty good haha

  3. Why did Lee look more attractive at the begining of this video than he ever has?

    Haha, I laughed at Southern Fairy too.

    Jeromy seems to have a problem following Steve. Very odd...

  4. I too applaud the actor portraying both Lee and his brother "Toe", that was a really convincing performance. Let's see some more "Toe". :D


    Twin brother!!!! How soap opera-ey. Normally I would say that the "twin"-plot is lame... but they did it quite well.

  6. That's what I was thinking hopefulsemblance ... they are really pulling out all the stops now that the end of KM is near.

    This was really good. Also, the fact that he is from Liverpool I sure has meaning for those in the UK. It's a bit like Detroit in the U.S. or perhaps "Jersey" to New York City.

  7. AS soon as I read Liverpool I thought of the Beatles,,, Sorry.

  8. I just realized how great their teeth are for Brits....lol

  9. Wait... I thought Lauren was all captured and shown tied up? Why do they keep making videos imploring her to come back? Don't they know she's fucking tied up?

  10. @ anonymous
    i think they know something we dont - no?

  11. Youwish, I think he said "sodding fairy" not "southern fairy" but with that accent, it's funny either way.

  12. No he said southern fairy. Liverpool is a city in north UK. It's reflecting the north/south divide.


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