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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Handcuffed - Jonas (LG15)

Viewer discretion is advised. - Jonas

Artist: The Autumns
Track: Night Music

Handcuffed - Jonas (LG15)

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  1. How did they think she was dead, and then she escaped? Did she have the same "death" potion in Romeo and Juliet, lol.

    Or was her body taken away?

  2. This vid deserves THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE. BRILLIANT cinematography and acting.

  3. I blame Greystoke for this!!! ;)

    I think it's time we start lighting some candles for Lucy.

  4. I have to say, this was a good video.

  5. Yes let us light some candles...
    on a cake!

    This is one of the best post-season 1 videos.

  6. Standing ovation, Cs!

  7. Very awesome. Crazy good fight scene.
    And the still shot that's captured below the video is HOT. Amanda looks amazing all beat up!

  8. Nice cinematography. Well done Kevin!!!!!!! You have come a long way. Keep it up.

  9. I think I might be alone in this, but I kind of found this video a little hard to watch...at least we finally heard Lucy speak!

    I'm just happy to see people not fighting in the comments XD

  10. I was ready to throw my computer out the window, but then she wasn't there.

    PS. Am I the only one who likes Lucy?

  11. Good story and good ending, though it's a bit hard to see Jonas being that violent, the background is there to justify it given all that Lucy and the Order have done to him and his friends.

    I still wish there was some in-story rationale (however far-fetched) why the Order and authorities don't seem to see things posted online. Isn't it a mistake to publish the binary code where the Order can see it along with the fans who are helping to decode it? Not sure of the solution since I know they want fans to be able to "help solve" puzzles.

    But back to the video - it's really hard to do that kind of violent conflict without it seeming overdramatic or even comical... good job here.

  12. I wonder if there are outtakes where she says, "Jonas ... I'm pregnant with your baby."

  13. hey folks, for the sake of the community and just enjoying watching lg15 after all the drama of the past few days, why not join me in doing some "guerilla meeping" (a la the red army comments brigade) on this video?

    i mean, its a great video. i never knew if amanda could really act (apparently she can), let's enjoy it.

  14. Jonas' apparently couldn't tell that Lucy was dead. Does this mean that Gina is really still alive?

    Seriously, though, how hard is it to check a neck pulse?!?

  15. Seriously I enjoyed this video. Yay for Lucy!


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