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Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm Back - Taylor (LG15)


I found something and I had to share it with all of you. - Taylor

I'm Back - Taylor (LG15) on Lonelgirl15 LGPedia.

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  1. Theory time.
    Lord Carruthers is Sarah and Taylor Dad. The young girl no older than 19 that Taylor mentioned way back in season one could be a trait+ girl.
    Also seeing as Sarah was close with her dad it could explain why it's her voice on the dvd jonas received. Perhaps she doesn't want them fining out or trying to protect Daniel.

  2. Far too many "coincidences" in this show. First Jonas' parents, now Taylor's, and they all just happen to come together before these revelations are revealed?

    C'mon, guys, it's getting a teeny bit ridiculous.

  3. Taylor!!!!! Yay!!!

    These videos this week are kickass! I think if the show is winding down and all this information is being revealed now it's going to be a couple weeks of major plot twists and action. Though bringing her back this late in the game makes me wonder if they've done it just to kill her off?

  4. Fun to see Taylor make a return for the finish. I wonder if Emma will email something from Transylvania (or wherever that movie is being made)

    It's not a coincidence, anonymous, given that EVERYONE's parents have been in the Hymn of One at one point or another. 'Finding your eternal song' was what the 60's were all about.

    I'm looking forward to the credits: Taylor's Dad's Hand played by Kevin Schlanser. That guy does it all.

  5. Now that Taylor has returned, it's time for Spencer (to save Taylor since Sarah is busy fouling up TAAG and cannot come home), and then stalker-Mallory (I hope as a vampire, but maybe that's just me).

  6. Very happy to see Taylor back.

    Could the ThatFreakingRandy prophecy be true?

  7. Very happy to see Taylor again!!! Thanks lonelygirl15. Becki is an amazing actress and I am glad she was included.

    Guess its time to catch up.

  8. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Taylor is BACK!!!! ABOUT TIME C's!!! Shoulda brought her back AGES ago. Now we just need Spencer back and I'd love to see Aunt Alex again! And of course some Gemma though I'd be doubting that (still can dream!) The show is finally amazing again. I think they've finally recaptured the season 1 magic! Kudos! This was another great plot twist/revelation.

  9. Woooooot! Taylor! Loving the storyline! :-D Season 1 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. QTHEC:

    "In" the Hymn of One, perhaps. But coincidences in the story development sense are very contrived.

    That Bree's parents were involved in some form or another is obvious, because she was a trait positive girl.

    Jonas' parents, without him ever knowing, and his aunt, all heavily involved with no one else in his family - by blood, marriage or bond - that's a just so happens that stretches suspense of disbelief a bit, but doesn't break it.

    Now suddenly Taylor's father appears like a Deus Ex Machina as far as story telling goes. Maybe he doesn't save the day, but he shows up exactly at the moment he is needed as a plot device, without any real background other than the divorce.

    These are contrivances that reveal the writers/creators painted into a corner and took an easy way out.

    Any other show would've gotten blasted to kingdom come over this sort of thing happening as repeatedly as it has on LG15, but the hardcore here spend hours finding ways to "explain" how it all makes sense, when it should make sense by the end of the video and require no explanation.

  11. Taylor could have found Bree by seeing an open window that Sarah left open,

    Sarah was seemingly always closer to her father than her mother and this ties in with Sarah being a plant like many have suspected and Sarah's parents were originally supposed to be in the Hymn of One, this really isn't that big of a leap.

  12. Was she drinking an orange slurpee?

  13. Joe! XD Haha! Everyone had a relativly similar comment and you just break the norm. (:

  14. anonymous above speaks much truth, but who cares, the wild ride of lg15 plot mania ends in 14 days!

    i don't want taylor's dad to be carruthers though. that would seem like a letdown.

  15. hummm
    I'm just happy to see Taylor again

  16. It sort of makes sense that not just bree's family have links to the Ho0.
    That the Ho0 is a recurring connection to each of them and their families.

  17. Anonymous, you had me at "coincidences." I was just joking about everyone's parents being in the Hymn of One in the 60's ;).

    (Can you tell I watched Jerry Mcguire recently on hulu?)

    beep... for other shows to watch on line see ... beep

  18. Woohoo Becki's back =D
    Now we just need Max and all shall be perfect =3


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