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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stonedog vs RoyTheBoy!

The battle rap is officially on! That's right, Stonedog and RoyTheBoy are battle rapping it up! Week 1 of 5 is down and the rapping has begun! If you missed it they rapped about Bree for week one. Check out their raps here:

Stonedog Bree Rap

RoyTheBoy Bree Rap

Now that you've heard them both, vote!

Which Bree Rap was better?

Stone's Bree Rap
Roy's Bree Rap

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    Mayne I gotta be real that shit hella sucked. I could kick any of yalls asses in any freestyle battle. WHO WANT TO CHALLENGE?! HM?! WHO WANNA FUCK WIT DEEBO!

    And this aint no bree battle. this is str8 up freestyle diss like peeps in the real rap world do it!

    Post that you accept and Ill have somethin up here within a day or two!

  2. Just curious - were Stonedog and RoyTheBoy's raps recorded ahead of time, or were they done live on the air on BreeFM?

  3. If xwestsidex can finish a rap without once mentioning any kind of marine life or mexican food, I'll be impressed.

  4. they were recorded ahead of time qthec

  5. u wanna go, qthec?

    I'll challenge you without using marine life or mexican food!

    Im down!

    And if ur too pussy to do it ill take one of those two who dropped their rhymes...


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