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Saturday, July 19, 2008

YouTube Screening Room - Moby

The innovative club musician Moby played punk rock and speed metal before he gained fame in the rave scene with the 1991 dance single "Go." Throughout the past fifteen years, Moby remixed tracks, scored movies, produced other artists and made his own recordings. His latest project, Moby Gratis, is geared towards providing license-free music to filmmakers.


The YouTube Screening Room sponsored a lounge at the LA Film Festival June 25, 2008. Clips from the lounge include discussion of topics such as 'music rights for film in the digital age' and live music performances by Matt Hires, The Willowz, Scissors for Lefty, and Honey Honey. The channel features four short films every other Friday.

All past featured films as well as the lounge clips are available now in the archive at the bottom of the page at http://youtube.com/ytscreeningroom. The latest shorts include an animated story about the life of Ryan Larkin (famous animator in the 60's).

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